Thursday, May 25, 2006

Maroon monkey fists with 5/8" chrome steel ball bearings, maroon/TAD Gear glow-in-the-dark cord round sinnet, chrome plated brass ring bead, and finished with a hangman's noose. Woodland camo twist lanyards/fobs made with five feet of paracord each, antique chrome finish skull beads, tied onto cell phone lariets and a keyring. Olive drab monkey fists with 5/8" chrome steel ball bearings, black/olive drab sinnets, small pewter skulls, and finished with a hangman's noose.

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Christopher said...

I know this is an old post, but I have a question about the sinnet. Is it part of the original cord that makes the fist, or does it go around the cord?


Stormdrane said...

The sinnets were made with separate cords around one strand from the monkey's fist. The other fist strand was trimmed and tucked back into the fist.

There are a couple of drawings in the 'Ashley Book of Knots' showing monkey's fists with sinnets around a looped cord coming from the fist, but it doesn't show a process. =)

Aaron said...

Could you show how you started that sinnet on the original cord coming out of the monkey's fist? It looks like it's being built toward the monkey's fist then sealed there, so a bit like you working "backwards". But it looks really even on top. How'd you do that?


Stormdrane said...

I'll have to look through some old pics to see if I have one showing the sennit being tied around the strand from the monkey's fist.

It's just a round or square sennit tied around that strand, with the four sennit strands making one knot, like it's being tied away from the fist. That has the top of the sinnet showing the monkey fist cord in the center. Then tie the rest of the sennit down towards the monkey's fist. Trim and melt the ends and slide the sennit down against the fist.