Sunday, March 13, 2016

Round 2 of ebay auctions to help raise funds to pay my taxes...

I appreciate all the folks that took part in the previous round of ebay auctions and hope all the buyers are now enjoying their acquisitions. I'm unfortunately still a ways away from my goal, so I picked out some more items to sell, a few knives with knot work and some paracord pieces among the selections, starting the bidding at $0.99 for each listing, no reserve, and free shipping.

The auctions will go live tonight, Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 10PM EST, running for 7 days for hopefully good exposure, ending next Sunday, March 20th.

Unless there's some insane bidding war on items by a couple of philanthropic gazillionaires, I'm sure I'll be selling more things to try and have enough money to pay my taxes and penalty/fine for not having health insurance, but I don't want to list too many items at one time, having to keep track of questions, comments, messages and whatnot that I receive.

Bid high, bid often, good luck, please and thank you! :)

VENOM RED mochi by Stormdrane drawstring backpacks are still available, and I receive a small commission from the sale of each of those as I do with Amazon linked items throughout my blog, so thank you to those that have bought one, and if you're not familiar with Mochibrand, check 'em out!
Stormdrane x Mochibrand Drawstring Backpack VenomStormdrane x Mochibrand Drawstring Backpack Venom

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