Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Photo background patio table is gone...

One of the tables on the back patio, that I've used as a background for blog pics and videos, has been sold.  It and its two chairs (bistro set: tiny table and chairs for people with narrow behinds), which were really too small for any adult to sit on and enjoy a potation, is gone and I didn't even get to say goodbye.

My folks are looking to sell the house and we've been packing up everything to eliminate 'clutter', and Ma has been taking some things to Goodwill, and it seems the table was 'stuff' we didn't need and will not have room for when a smaller abode/home/domicile is found and this house is sold.

You can see how the table has darkened/faded from sun and weather, from the 2008 photo with the Cold Steel Trail Master paracord sheath wrap photo and one taken last August with some tasty beverages.

As Ma was unloading her vehicle at Goodwill, while the employee that is supposed to help just stood by and watched (Ma was fit to be tied about it and that fella is getting an 'unsatisfactory' customer service review), another lady that was donating items saw the table and pair of chairs and asked Ma if she could buy 'em, so Ma made a quick $10 on the set.  I hope they serve their new master well.

They say I can't keep my workout equipment either, not that I've used it since we've been in this house, so I may donate it to my folk's church, if the 'committee' approves it.  I imagine there'd be liability/insurance issues, but having a workout room at church would be cool for those that would like to take advantage of it.

Ma took some photos of the weights and equipment and asked me to upload and email them to Pa, so he could forward them to someone at church.  I assembled a collage of the pics Ma took.  I bought Ma her digital camera probably back in '04 or '05, and have suggested she practice with it and take lots of pics even of the same thing since some might not come out, but when she does use it, she'll take three pics and two of them will be blurry and out of focus, lol.

I've packed up most of the stuff in my room, including all my paracord, knot tying tools, and accessories, so I don't know when I'll get a chance to work on new projects.  I've only planned on keeping what clothes and toiletries I need handy, with still several more storage totes to fill, then probably put everything in storage somewhere.  Most of the totes I have were bought the last time we moved, but I'd loaned some to a sister for one of her moves, so I had to buy some more plus managed to fill 25 boxes just with books.

I do have a box of some old knot projects and gear from the gadget drawer that I've intended to put up and auction on ebay for the last couple of months but have kept putting it off, but will have to list them soon if not just to cover bills, but tax time is coming up again as well...

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Carlyle said...

Good morning kind sir -

I first happened upon your blog and your handiwork several years ago when I was trying to learn how to make a few things. I have since learned how to make quite nice monkey fists and some sheaths etc. It turns out my favorite is "wrapping" bottles and other sorts of kitchen canisters and the like.

I don't have anybody to compare with or judge my work. I would be delighted if I could send you a picture and have your opinion.

I have made dozens. I would like to sell some but don't know how much they might be worth. I give them to friends and relatives, but I don't know if anybody would actually buy any.


Stormdrane said...

Sure, I can receive photos at Stormdrane (at) hotmail (dot) com. There are some folks among the many knot tying groups on Facebook that do knot work around water bottles and such. One of the larger groups is Parachute Cord Crafters. Some groups allow selling while others do not, so best to look for rules on that type of thing for each group.

Many sell their knot work on ebay/etsy/artfire/amazon and probably even craigslist for locals. Because I rarely do custom requests or commission knot work and keep tying mostly as a hobby, it's not been very profitable considering the amount of time I've put into some projects, not even making minimum wage at times after expenses and shipping, but can still be fulfilling making something you know will be put to good use by someone. Still, if you're skilled at what you do, you should be able to charge a fair wage for your time and effort for quality work.

Vince of made an excellent response on selling his work on one of his pages, scroll down to the bottom of linked page to read. ;)