Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer sheath & lanyard projects...

A friend gifted me a few knives at the Blade Show last month (Thanks again, Paul!).

There's an Old Hickory knife that he'd made a kydex sheath for as well as doing a some additional work on the blade and handle, a neat little flick/auto Boker Magnum pocket knife, and a fixed blade Landi with a Tek Lok and magnet on the kydex sheath for added blade retention.
I tied a long two-bight Turk's head knot (11 lead 2 bight tripled) with black paracord around the kydex sheath, then worked in some tan/black combo (Knights?) inside and around that knot before tightening it all up.

I didn't keep track of exactly how much cord I used, but guess around 15 feet or so of the black and a little less of the combo color, so maybe 25 feet which could come in handy in a zombie apocalypse survival situation should I need to untie it and replace a broken bootlace/shoestring, or tie something else up or down.

I left off adding a loop of paracord to the wrap for belt carry, but could go back later and add that, or maybe just use a small carabiner hooked through one of the bights, and tuck the sheath under a belt and then clip the carabiner to a belt loop...

For the Boker, I added some glow-in-the-dark paracord tied with an extended two-strand Matthew Walker knot, and a gutted crimson paracord gaucho knot tied over a wooden bead.

Paul tied the foilage green paracord handle wrap on the Landi, figure eight style with a loop and lanyard/diamond knot finish, and it's nice and tight, so I've left it just as it is.  I might could work in some center stitching with 0.9mm sized cord into the pattern...

And a pic of the Old Hickory knife in the kydex sheath before I added the paracord wrap.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A few recent projects...

Schmuckatelli Co. sent me some of their new Mini Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Beads, in pewter and black oxide finishes, and I've used them with a few recent projects.  I worked them in with a paracord wrist lanyard, neck lanyard, and boonie hat band tassles finished with blimp knots.

Shown with the alternating lanyard/diamond knot paracord neck lanyard is a cool new Victorinox Yeoman MS Swiss Army Knife, that SwissBianco gave me while I was hanging out at his booth during the Blade Show last month.

Just two strands of paracord were used for the neck lanyard, starting with around a six foot length of the camo and about four feet of black.  From the center of the camo I measured down to the snap hook for the finished length I wanted, wrapping both ends around the swivel end of the hook, and also centered the black strand around the swivel.  
Then I tied a lanyard knot with the black paracord around the other strands, the two camo working ends and the neck loop, and tightened up the knot.  Next I tied another lanyard knot, this time around the neck loop strands and the two black paracord strands, then tightened that knot up, and continued the alternating tying of those knot until I have four black and three camo.  

After that I added the mini lanyard beads to the four working end strands, trimmed the ends off at the length I wanted them, then melted the cord ends of each with my lighter (Z-plus insert in a Zippo body) and pressed the melted end against the side of my lighter to flatten the end out where it would be too large to pull back through the bead, making it secure.  I also decided to add a safety break-away clasp to the neck loop, so cut that loop at the center to add those parts.

A few other projects were made with the medium and large setting knitting spools that the Jig Pro Shop sent me to try out, using different types and sizes of cord.  I rarely use more than two or three pins for the lanyards I make, but it's nice to have the options to use more with the Jig Pro Shop spools. 

Spool knitting some cord then adding to a boonie hat (lots of different potential ways to work it around the branch loops of the hat) is a good way to carry some spare cord for edc, survival, or zombie apocalypse scenarios.

The Schmuckatelli Co. embroidered skull logo patch, shown worn on the cap in my current avatar photo, is available on their site. I also have a fish hook hat clip on the brim of my cap, worn for good luck, and there are also other styles made if you like to edc one.

I've been asked about the Amazon and Google Adsense links thoughout my blog, and as an Amazon/Google Adsense Associate and YouTube Partner, I get a small percentage of the sales made through those links, which helps pay the bills, so, "Thank You!" to all those that patronize the links and watch the videos.  It is mentioned in the Disclaimer/Disclosure text at the bottom of the blog page, but not everyone scrolls down that far.  ;)

Friday, July 03, 2015

Schmuckatelli Co. Giveaway Hosted by MrCoop

See the MrCoop YouTube video page for information on the 'Schmuckatelli Co. Epic Giveaway', and rules on how to enter also on the Schmuckatelli Co. Facebook page.  Lots of cool beads in different finishes to win for paracord projects and whatnot, and the Limited Edition Cape Buffalo Leather Wallet that goes to the first place winner looks awesome too!

Runs From From 6/30/15 to 7/14/15
 To enter for a chance to win:
1. Go here:
2. Find the picture that was posted that says "Epic Giveaway"
3. Share, Like & Comment on the post pinned on Schmuckatelli's Facebook like page..

Here is some more info from MrCoop's  video page, found underneath the video home page. ;)

Watch Schmuckatelli's FB page for the announcement of the winners.
$477.80 in Retail Prizes!!

1st Place
1x Vinnie Garoon 18K Antique Gold Plated, 1x Vinnie Garoon Antique Rhodium Plated, 1x Vinnie Garoon Pewter, 1x Vinnie Garoon Black Ox, 1x Spartan 18K Antique Gold Plated, 1x Spartan Antique Rhodium Plated, 1x Spartan Black Ox, 1x Spartan Pewter, 1x Sabretooth 18K Antique Gold Plated, 1x Sabretooth Antique Rhodium Plated, 1x Sabretooth Pewter, 1x Sabretooth Black Ox, 1x Limited Edition Cape Buffalo Leather Wallet

2nd Place
1x Vinnie Garoon 18K Antique Gold Plated, 1x Vinnie Garoon Antique Rhodium Plated, 3x Vinnie Garoon Pewter, 3x Vinnie Garoon Black Ox, 1x Spartan 18K Antique Gold Plated, 1x Spartan Antique Rhodium Plated, 3x Spartan Black Ox, 3x Spartan Pewter, 1x Sabretooth 18K Antique Gold Plated, 1x Sabretooth Antique Rhodium Plated, 3x Sabretooth Pewter, 3x Sabretooth Black Ox

3rd Place
2x Vinnie Garoon Pewter, 2x Vinnie Garoon Black Ox, 2x Spartan Black Ox, 2x Spartan Pewter, 2x Sabretooth Pewter, 2x Sabretooth Black Ox

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Some Knot Work for Father's Day...

I bought a compact hand truck, that folds up, for my pa for Father's Day to keep in his vehicle, and added some simple knot work to the frame.

I tied several gaucho knots with navy blue paracord and coiled orange paracord up between the those knots on the center rails of the hand truck frame.

Pa's a disabled veteran, and with back issues cannot lift or carry anything heavy anymore, so this hand truck with a 150lb load limit might help him with moving things from his vehicle back and forth with food pantry items at the church, and with the coolers they use to keep food cold/warm that they give out with the homeless ministry.

I used about 10 feet of a single strand of navy blue paracord on each side tying the gaucho knots, and about an 8 foot single strand of the orange paracord on each side.

First I wrapped some extreme tape around both sides of the hand truck frame rails where I intended to do the knot work, so that the tightened paracord would have a secure grip over the smooth aluminum frame and not twist or slide around.  Then I tied the first gaucho knot, with the orange strand underneath it, then tightened the gaucho.

Now with the secured orange strand I coiled it up around the frame rail and over the navy blue gaucho knot strand for the spacing I wanted and tied another gaucho, with the orange strand running underneath.

Again the orange strand was coiled up with the navy blue underneath, then a final gaucho with the orange end underneath, tighten and secured.  I trimmed the excess cord off from the start and finished ends, and tucked those to complete one side rail.

For the other side, I did the same, but mirrored the gauchos and wrap, meaning they were tied in the opposite direction, although most folks wouldn't notice details like that, just maybe some knot knuts, lol...  I didn't cover all of the center rail sections because there are a couple of holes where spring loaded pins pop out to secure the telescoping handle when it's extended and didn't want the wraps to interfere with those.

Also with the navy blue gauchos sitting a little taller around the rails than the orange cord, might mean any boxes and whatnot loaded on the hand truck will rest on the darker color paracord so the orange doesn't get dirtied up as much over time.

My hemostats came in handy holding the orange paracord in place as I tied the gaucho knots, and for this project I use the marlinspike that Russell from the JigProShop sent me earlier this year.  I rotate using the marlinspikes I have, including those from Rhino Ropework and BayouBug's Knots & Tools, and still grab my clay stylus for improvised marlinspike duty often as well.

My folks are both Auburn University graduates, so that's why the navy blue and orange colors were used.  War Eagle!

The Jig Pro Shop had recently sent me some of their knitting spools to test out, and so far I've made a couple of lanyards with the small spool, using navy blue 'Type I'/#95/1/16" cord for a two peg knit, and olive drab for a three peg knit.  The spool produced a nice tight knit for the lanyards and was easy to work with.