Saturday, October 06, 2018

Cinch cord replacement...

I bought a new tire pressure gauge, the RHINO GAUGE, with some of my birthday money, and it came with a storage pouch that had a thin black string cinch cord.

I removed the original cord and replaced it with a length of neon green paracord and a two-strand footrope knot.

I reused the cordlock that came on it, but will go back and replace that with a better one when I can find a spare somewhere in the gadget drawer.

I attached a safety pin to the end of the length of paracord to help feed it through the pouch's cinch cord tunnel, which is much easier than trying to inch worm the paracord through without it.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

101 Uses for Paracord

Mike's Gear Reviews shared a nicely done infographic on 101 Uses for Paracord and has provided an intro below.

You never know when you need to tie yourself to something.  It may sound unlikely, but it could mean a life-and-death situation, whether you are out and about in an urban setting or in the wilderness.  You need to be ready at all times.  If you can't bring your whole utility box, at least bring a paracord wherever you go.

A paracord is short for parachute cord, which is a nylon rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes.  It is a versitile piece that you can carry with you discreetly and use on so many occasions.  Your tactical watch may even have a paracord coiled as its strap and you hadn't even noticed.

If you are going on a journey to the wilderness, a paracord is something that you can't afford not to bring with you.  It may just be the thing that can save your life.  You don't have to be in extreme outdoor adventure before you can find a use for it as well.  You can use a paracord in a lot of things that you won't normally associate a rope with.  Read our 101 Uses for Paracord to find out how this unassuming piece of equipment can be crucial to your survival.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

County Comm Goodies

A care package of goodies was recently received from County Comm.

Inside I found:
Boker EDC Knife
Maratac PCL Flashlight
Maratac Pocket Notebook Cover
A&P Keyrings
Nano Titanium Split Rings
Slim Grip Zipper Pulls
Titanium Persuader 
Minnow Gripper
Emergency Space Blankets 
Compact UGM
Flat Pack UGM 
UGM Mini Markers.
For a knotting project to try with the knife and cable keyrings for a paracord lanyard/fob, I followed knot tying friend, Mabel Marble's tutorial:  How to tie a sobre 9L 4B turkshead w/hangloop flattened as keyfob

I found a Maratac Yorick stainless skull bead in the gadget drawer collection to slip on to the lanyard/keyfob.

I will post again with more photos after I've tried some tying ideas with the Mini glow markers and zipper pulls, and perhaps some glovebox/toolbox/backpack/bugoutbag pics with some of the other cool edc items... ;)

I put one of the Mini glow markers on one of the Maratac zipper pulls and used it to replace the old pull on my VENOM mochi drawstring backpack adjustable buckle.

And a few mini markers with tether cord  and Nano Titanium Split Rings to be used as zipper pulls or small keyfobs.

 A pic with some glovebox gear...

Friday, August 17, 2018

Today's EDC is a 2005 flashback...

I first EDC'd (everyday carried) the Camillus Heat pocket knife and Nuwai Q-III LED flashlight back in 2005 and they've both remained in the gadget drawer collection, taken out to carry every once in a while.

I couldn't remember the last time I'd tied a crown sinnet lanyard/fob, so I made one for the Camillus (a square sinnet instead of round) with olive drab and black paracord, finishing with a four strand crown and diamond knot and added a bronze Classic Schmuckatelli Co. skull bead.

The flashlight has a paracord finger ring attached for retention, shown in a 2011 blog post.

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