Thursday, August 13, 2020

Spanish ring knot beads

I made several Spanish ring knot beads with some 1.4mm cord to go on a three-peg spool knit lanyard with a couple of Schmuckatelli Co black oxide finish Kiko Tiki beads.

The beads are a snug fit around the lanyard, so they stay in place where I slid them on.  The beads have a brushed on coat of Krazy glue around their inside diameter, that I let dry before using them.

The total length of the lanyard is about 25 inches, and about 20 inches without the attachments at the ends.

The edc lanyard is shown with a Victorinox Belt Hanger that I attached to a bow shackle that just fit it.  The lanyard split ring is slipped on the shackle and a small flat gate clip is used for an attachment on the other end. 

The knife is a black alox Pioneer SAK and the flashlight a 1AA stainless steel Maratac from County Comm, alongside the Leatherman Brewzer multitool with a Maratac titanium gateclip.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

A gaucho knot bracelet

I tied this gaucho knot bracelet with orange tether cord and navy blue mini blind string (Auburn University colors). 

The knot is started by tying a three lead five bight (3L5B) Turk's head knot, then expanding that into a five lead nine bight (5L9B) Turk's head knot.  Then we work in a gaucho interweave to get the nine lead sixteen bight (9L16B) Turk's head knot.  I tripled the knot, making two passes in navy blue string then following in between those with the orange cord.

I tied the knot around a can of air duster, which is about eight inches or so around, similar in size to a soda can. I made this one for Ma, so the finished size was large enough to fit/squeeze over her hand and onto her wrist. 

I asked Ma if she could spot the error and she said she saw a little white spot when she was pulling the bracelet over her hand. That wasn't the mistake, but I told her I couldn't find the orange Sharpie marker to cover up the white core strand of the orange cord on the inner edge of the bracelet where I'd trimmed and glued the standing end.

The error was a missed over/under that I didn't catch until I was on the third pass, and after a few uttered profanities I just continued on to complete the bracelet.  My excuse is that I am legally blind after all, lol...  WAR EAGLE!

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Knotty Gerber Prybrid X

In today's mail, a Gerber Prybrid X. I tied a gutted paracord Turk's head knot (5L4B) on the multitool after removing the cord that came on it.

The neon green paracord scrap just happened to be handy, so it was tried first ungutted, untied and then the pictured gutted TH knot.  I may try some #95 paracord or leather lace to see how those might look... 

Shown next to my Gerber Shard for size reference

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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Apples and Opinels

I had a leftover strand of twisted cotton cord and used it to tie a lanyard with a two-strand four bight gaucho knot with the ends frayed.  Shown attached to a No. 6 Opinel with a walnut handle.

It can be difficult to keep the soft cotton from wanting to untwist when tightening, so you have to pay attention to it or the knot won't look right....

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Revisiting the sailor's bracelet...

It's been a while since I'd tied a sailor's bracelet, also known as a Nantucket bracelet.  the couple that I tied are a 3 lead 11 bight Turk's head knot with three passes (tripled) and a 3 lead 8 bight TH.

The ends can be tied in a knot and frayed, or glued and trimmed to finish.

They can be tied in hand, as I did these, one with twisted cotton catfish line and another in 550 paracord, or tied directly around the wrist or on different sized mandrels for specific sizes to slip on/off over the hand. 

Here's a blog post link to a fancier one that I tied back in 2008.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Conquistador paracord watchband

I tied this Conquistador braid watchband yesterday, using olive drab colored type I/#95 paracord.  
The braid is shown in Bruce Grant's Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding.  There are a few different YouTube videos on the braid if you're inclined to give tying a bracelet/watchband/lanyard version a try.  This one is a good one to follow.

I uses about 8.5 feet of cord on the buckle side of the watchband and 15 feet on the other.  Doing 5 loops was good for the width, but that does leave the pins visible on mine, so if I tied another one I would start off with more loops around the pins to fill the space up at the start and just work with 5 loops from there.

I tried a couple of different strap keepers on the band before going with a simple loop of gutted paracord.  The leather gaucho knot and Spanish ring knots that I tried seemed too bulky for my liking as did trying those with the type I/#95 paracord.

I used a buckle from one of my other watchbands with the same width as the watch's lugs/pins (20mm). The braided band doesn't pull through the buckle smoothly, but is still manageable.

I four adjustment holes that I worked into the watchband are spaced a little less than a half inch apart.

EDC pocket dump
~ Victorinox Red Alox Cadet SAK
~ Maratac Brass AAA LED Flashlight
~ Citizen Promaster Watch with Conquistador braid paracord watchband
~ Leather ID/coin pouch with paracord wrist lanyard and knotted bead

I have a hotdog colored theme stuck in my head today for some reason. With yellow/mustard, red/ketchup, green/relish, but I could still add chili, cheese, slaw, onions, sauerkraut, and jalapeƱos, lol...

Friday, July 24, 2020

Headed into the weekend EDC...

A Friday afternoon pocket dump...

~ Victorinox silver alox Pioneer
~ Olight i3E EOS LED flashlight
~ Titanium skull multi tool
~ Maratac Traveler Wallet
~ Citizen Promaster watch
~ Conquistador paracord bracelet
~ leather bootlace lanyard
~ mask

Thursday, July 23, 2020

EDC pocket dump...

EDC pocket dump on Thursday.

~ Victorinox blue alox Farmer SAK
~ 4sevens Quark 2aa led flashlight
~ paracord wrist lanyard with 5 lead 4 bight turkshead knot bead
~ leather Spanish ring accent knot on light

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Sunday morning knotwork...

A paracord lanyard/fob that I tied this morning with a Kiko Tiki bead.

Knots used are a two-strand four bight gaucho and a two-strand footrope knot with a five foot length of ungutted Comanche pattern 550 paracord..

And another finished with a lanyard/diamond knot on the Kershaw Emerson pocketknife.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Updated medic alert paracord bracelet

I tried again with adding my medic alert tag to a Conquistador paracord bracelet, this time using #95/type I paracord to lash it down.

I coiled the cord around one side of the tag, then pulled both ends down through the olive drab colored bracelet with hemostats.  Next running both strands along the underside of the bracelet, then pulling them back up through the bracelet with the hemostats and coiling them around the tag's other side, and tying off the ends in a square knot tucked under the tag.

It seems like it'll stay in place, time will tell...

I tied another for Pa and will have to dig through the gadget drawer to see is I have another buckle and some navy blue cord to make one for Ma.