Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cane retention...

The first knot work that I added to this cane included a gaucho interweave knot and single strand star knot with an adjustable wrist loop, all done with a single continuous strand of paracord.

But, after I later started adding more knots to the cane I cut off the wrist loop section from the first knot and have regretted doing that since.

So, I found a scrap length of paracord in my gadget drawer and tied a Spanish ring knot, extending one of the bights to serve as a wrist lanyard.

I use my cane almost every time I leave the house nowadays, and having a wrist loop for retention lets me let go of the cane if I need to for a moment without dropping it or having to set it down.

And it's done in camo green colored paracord, for today is St. Patrick's Day!  ;)

Sunday, October 20, 2019

A herringbone knot pocket knife fob

I took a try at tying a herringbone knot paracord fob this afternoon.

The camo green colored paracord is harder for me to see (seems brighter in the photos), but I think I still managed to get the knot tied halfway decently, opening up the curtains to get more light on the cord as I worked with it.

Knot shown attached to a Victorinox Climber SAK (Swiss Army Knife).

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Saturday, October 05, 2019

What's in its pocketses?

 EDC pocket dump for today.

* Victorinox Climber SAK
* Gerber Mullet multitool
* XTAR Venus flashlight
JerzeeDevil forums challenge coin
* Paracord lanyard with titanium bead

In a recent mail delivery:  a couple of hanks of paracord, the Gerber Mullet keychain multitool, some P-38 can openers, and the used Victorinox Climber SAK from ebay (spent my birthday money that showed up early this year, Oct 3rd).

I'll make some lanyards/key fobs/zipper pulls to go with the P-38 can openers before I donate them to be handed out with canned goods from the church food pantry/homeless ministry, or to the local Veterans Support Group which got the last batch that I put together.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Raising Cane...

The Jig Pro Shop sent me a couple of their Easy Assist Former Mandrels to test out back at the start of summer.  These are new Turk's head knot tying tools that don't require the user to have a lot of the knowledge of the ins and outs, overs and unders and rules with tying such puzzles of knot work, and be able to make some knots in different sizes.  I'm sure many would find tying them addictive and would want to learn more about the possibilities of where can they tie another one around something.

I'd not done much tying for a long spell with losing a consideral bit of my eyesight (legally blind), so they had just been sitting sat the back of my desk.
I tried tying a couple of smaller Turk's head knots on the mandrels, with paracord, after watching a YouTube video demonstrating their use.  They didn't arrive with any instructions, but they weren't hard for me to figure 'em out.

I wanted to challenge myself with the larger knot (a doubled 17 lead 5 bight knot, I think) and dark colored paracord, which is particularly difficult for me to see now.  It did take me a few attempts to get it right, at least I think it looks presentable on my walking cane, and there's plenty of room to add more.

I started with a much too long length of about 25 feet of black paracord (over guesstimating).  Tying the doubled knot on the mandrel only used around 15 feet, where I then removed it and slid it onto the cane for tightening and working the slack out.  I did use a bit of xtreme tape on the cane, before I started,  to keep the tightened paracord knot work from sliding/slipping on the slick cane surface when I was done.

Total time invested was a bunch of hours, although that includes having to untie and start over because of mistakes and errors that I was able to catch myself making.  Lots of talking to myself and trying to have patience, seeing the cord blurred and distorted while holding the work less than a foot away from my face...

The olive drab paracord gaucho and single strand star knots were tied on the cane years ago.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A two-strand four bight gaucho knot

I tied a longer loop paracord lanyard version of a two-strand four bight gaucho knot yesterday, and today tried tying another with a shorter loop directly to a pocket knife through the lanyard hole.

There's a video tutorial, by the Paracord Guild, that's easy to follow for tying this knot.

Being 'legally blind' doesn't mean you have to stop tangling up some cord. :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Double Dragon Loop

The Double Dragon Loop is a fixed loop tied at the end of a string/cord/rope.  As an example I've tied a couple with attachments at the ends of a paracord lanyard.

I also tried doing a short 'howto' video tutorial on tying the loop.  As with the photos I take, I had to do multiple takes because I'm 'legally blind', and went with the one that looked the most usable to me.  :)

~ Victorinox Spartan SAK
~ Sanrenmu Urban Key Tool
~ EDC Gate Clip