Saturday, November 25, 2023

Saturday pocket dump after dialysis...

Update: I started dialysis back in May, and go in for that three times a week until I bite the dust or get a kidney transplant. Had to go in today instead of Friday because of the Thanksgiving holiday and since I was told my weekly labs came back and showed that I wasn't meeting clearances (desired results), that I will have to spend more time hooked up to the dialysis machine each day of treatment, which is almost four hours on those days. They're already using the largest needles and flow rate on the machine. 

 My eyesight and peripheral neuropathy pain have continued to worsen, so I haven't done any knotwork, besides tying my shoelaces, in a long while... 

This afternoon's pocket dump...

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday's edc pocket dump










* Victorinox Alox Pioneer Swiss Army Knife 

* Kershaw PT-1 mulitool 

* Maratac AA LED flashlight 

* Swissbianco tactical pen 

* Timex Reef Gear watch 

* Titanium carabiner with Punisher skull 

* Handkerchief 

* Paracord lanyard

* Nite Ize Microlock S-Biner

Friday, April 09, 2021

April EDC

~Victorinox Huntsman SAK with armee green alox scales

~Gerber Shard multitool

~Olight i3E EOS flashlight 

~Nite Ize Slidelock carabiner on paracord lanyard 

~Citizen Promaster watch and Suunto compass

~Pilot Precise V5 pen

Monday, March 15, 2021

Emperors new clothes...

I installed new scales on a couple of my Swiss Army knives and on one for my pa.  I'd purchased the black G10 scales from Swissbianco last year, but hadn't gotten around to putting them on one of my SAKs until recently.  

Roger sent me the armee green alox and bodensee blue G10 scales this year, so I spent a week attaching the scales, one side at a time and allowing 24 hours for the J-B Weld to cure while each knife was in my table clamp.

I put the armee green alox scales (plus type with additional slots for ink pen and a straight pin) on my pa's Victorinox Huntsman.  The black G10 went on my Victorinox Climber, and the bodensee blue on a Victorinox Spartan.

I made simple paracord neck lanyards for each knife, ring hitching onto Nite Ize carabiners and then tying lanyard/diamond knots.

I bought a 3 pack of Firefly firesteels, which fit in the toothpick slot of Victorinox knives (supposedly), but I found it too loose to stay in the armee green alox knife, too tight to get more than halfway in the black G10, and I got one in the bodensee blue with effort but cannot now get it out.

The fit is overly snug and in trying to get it out had the glow in the dark tip material crumble and break off of the firesteel.  I haven't figured out how to remove it without damaging the G10 scales...

Sunday, February 07, 2021

An Early Start on Super Bowl Sunday

I used a length of paracord to tie a wrist lanyard on to my Boker Plus Dead Catch Bottle Opener, using a two-strand footrope knot and a lanyard/diamond knot.  
It works okay as a bottle opener, although not the most comfortable to hold for me, but I think it makes for a neat looking edc keyfob.  
I'm still debating if I'll add some glow-in-the-dark epoxy in the eye hole or use the eye for keyring attachment...
It's Sunday morning and I'm getting an early start with a tasty beverage (hard cider).

Saturday, October 03, 2020

EDC birthday pocket dump

Traveling light edc, if one considers sitting at home for their birthday as "traveling".  

From inside my pockets there is a Victorinox Climber SAK, spool knit #95 paracord lanyard with Nite Ize Slide Lock S-Biner, and a new red Olight i3T EOS flashlight.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Midweek EDC pocket dump

I made a wrist lanyard with crosslace cord and added a couple of special Cyber Mini powder coated lime green skull beads that Schmuckatelli Co. had sent to me, tying ABoK #785A.  

I attached the lanyard to a Nite Ize Slide Lock carabiner.  With the lanyard pocket dump are a Victorinox Yeoman MS Swiss Army Knife with ribbed alox scales by Swissbianco, a Nite Ize Doohickey+ Key Tool multitool, Olight S1R Baton II flashlight, and a Sun compass thermometer zipper pull/keyfob.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

EDC pocket dump Saturday

Paracord zipper sinnet fob with a limited edition two-tone Grins skull bead, that Schmuckatelli Co. sent me, in hematite and rhodium finish. 

EDC knife is a Kershaw Nerve, leather front pocket wallet, Fisher Cap-O-Matic pen, and attached to the Conquistador braid paracord keystrap (Made in USA HK clip), are a Gerber Shard multitool, Lumintop EDC01 flashlight, and Wenger Traveler SAK, with a Nite Ize S-Biner Microlock.

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

EDC shoot, shine, and sharpen...

I tied a two-strand wall knot sinnet (snake knot) paracord lanyard/fob to my CRKT Hammond Cruiser pocket knife, and added a Schmuckatelli Co. Sabertooth skull bead in black oxide finish to the end of it.

Dug my Streamlight TwinTask flashlight out of a gadget drawer for some pocket time and got the Lansky sharpener ready to do some touch up work on some knives.  

It's been a while since I've pulled the trigger on a shotgun, but I remember the 3" double aught magnum shells did have a kick to 'em...

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Toggled EDC pocket dump...


It's been a while since I'd tied a toggle knot (ABoK #615), so I made one with some brown/tan camo paracord I had in the gadget drawer.  

I tried adding a few different beads to the lanyard, but this particular ungutted cord was too thick to pull the loop through them, so I added an old paracord over wood bead that did fit.

* Victorinox Swiss chocolate brown alox Harvester SAK (Swissbianco)

* Rustco Superloop Leather Keychain

* Olight i3E EOS flashlight (desert tan)

* Victorinox Signature

Lite SAK

* Gerber Shard multitool (brown)

* Brass safety pin

* Shields of Strength cross pendant with added knotwork and glow-in-the-dark mod

* Maxpedition wallet

* Chocolate chip camo bandana (Pa gave it to me, he's retired Army)

* Citizen Promaster watch on leather nato watchstrap

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

A blue EDC pocket dump...

I tied this edc blue reflective paracord lanyard in a single strand braid loop.  I added an electric blue Mind skull bead that I received from Schmuckatelli Co.  

For attachments, I used a Kershaw carabiner at one end and an S-Biner Microlock at the other, with Leatherman Squirt Ps4 multitool, Olight i1R 2 EOS flashlight, and blue Gerber Shard prybar (Blade HQ exclusive).

Also shown, notepad, Bic Cristal pen, and blue alox Victorinox Farmer SAK.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Orange you prepared EDC pocket dump...

* Rite in the Rain notebook

* Zebra F701 pen

* Buck Flashpoint pocket knife

* Leatherman Juice S2 multitool

* Widgy prybar with kydex sheath

* Olight S1R Baton II flashlight

* Victorinox Mountaineer SAK with Swissbianco G10 scales

* Maratac zippered wallet

* Orange bandana

* Navy blue mask

* Paracord lanyard

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Emerson skull bead paracord keystrap

I've been trying ways to incorporate this Schmuckatelli Co. coyote brown Emerson skull bead with a Conquistador braid paracord keystrap. 

I finished this one by running the end strand through the skull bead, then melting and flattening the cord on the underside of the skull so that it dangles in the center of the keyring.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Knife handle paracord re-wrap

Schmuckatelli Co. recently sent me a care package with an assortment of lanyard beads, and I used the Rose Skull bead with electric blue finish on the red paracord handle re-wrap of this Landi knife.

The wrap is like West Country Whipping but with an extra turn on each side instead of a single half knot. 

I used about 10 feet of paracord for the wrap.  The finish after adding the bead was with a diamond/lanyard knot.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Grilling EDC...

I used a leftover strand of gutted neon green paracord to tie a two-peg spool knit lanyard to use for today's edc/everyday carry.  

A diamond/lanyard knot and loop tied and ring hitched to a swivel snap hook at one end and bull hitched to a locking S-Biner at the other, with a Schmuckatelli Co. Classic Skull bead.

~ Victorinox Spartan

~ Maratac AAA Led flashlight

~ True Utility FIXR multitool

Patio lizard made an appearance this afternoon, wondering what's cooking on the grill. The bits of debris around it look like little bones to me, lol... 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Spanish ring knot beads

I made several Spanish ring knot beads with some 1.4mm cord to go on a three-peg spool knit lanyard with a couple of Schmuckatelli Co black oxide finish Kiko Tiki beads.

The beads are a snug fit around the lanyard, so they stay in place where I slid them on.  The beads have a brushed on coat of Krazy glue around their inside diameter, that I let dry before using them.

The total length of the lanyard is about 25 inches, and about 20 inches without the attachments at the ends.

The edc lanyard is shown with a Victorinox Belt Hanger that I attached to a bow shackle that just fit it.  The lanyard split ring is slipped on the shackle and a small flat gate clip is used for an attachment on the other end. 

The knife is a black alox Pioneer SAK and the flashlight a 1AA stainless steel Maratac from County Comm, alongside the Leatherman Brewzer multitool with a Maratac titanium gateclip.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

A gaucho knot bracelet

I tied this gaucho knot bracelet with orange tether cord and navy blue mini blind string (Auburn University colors). 

The knot is started by tying a three lead five bight (3L5B) Turk's head knot, then expanding that into a five lead nine bight (5L9B) Turk's head knot.  Then we work in a gaucho interweave to get the nine lead sixteen bight (9L16B) Turk's head knot.  I tripled the knot, making two passes in navy blue string then following in between those with the orange cord.

I tied the knot around a can of air duster, which is about eight inches or so around, similar in size to a soda can. I made this one for Ma, so the finished size was large enough to fit/squeeze over her hand and onto her wrist. 

I asked Ma if she could spot the error and she said she saw a little white spot when she was pulling the bracelet over her hand. That wasn't the mistake, but I told her I couldn't find the orange Sharpie marker to cover up the white core strand of the orange cord on the inner edge of the bracelet where I'd trimmed and glued the standing end.

The error was a missed over/under that I didn't catch until I was on the third pass, and after a few uttered profanities I just continued on to complete the bracelet.  My excuse is that I am legally blind after all, lol...  WAR EAGLE!