Monday, March 13, 2006

ACU Digital Camo over tan paracord bracelet

ACU digital camo over coyote tan paracord, king cobra/doubled Solomon bar/doubled Portuguese sinnet knot bracelet with a 3/8" side release buckle. About 16 feet of paracord is used in this bracelet(this one fits about a 7"-8" wrist). The outer layer can be untied leaving the inner bracelet intact or it can also be untied for use if needed. These are great for camping, hiking, and backpacking. They can also be made longer and with a larger side release buckle to be used as a dog or cat collar.Posted by Picasa

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Jay said...

sometimes the plastic and metal clips can be found at the dollar store (or in my case the 66 cent store). I bought a soda can holder that goes around your waist like a hip pack. It's for hiking but I am not sure how many people hike with soda. Anyway, it has two plastic buckles, a plastic length adjuster and a clip like you would use for a keychain. dogcollars have the buckles also and leashes have swivle clips. Check it out.