Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I made this paracord bracelet with glow-in-the-dark cord from TAD Gear and black reflective paracord that is sold by 1sks.com (One Stop Knife Shop). Right now, 1sks only sells the reflective paracord in 1000ft spools, but if enough people ask for smaller amounts, maybe they'll start selling it that way. I was able to get a small amount from a friend. I made this one for someone by request. These types of cord cost more than twice as much as regular paracord, so be prepared to spend some money if you're going to try to make it. Made on a larger scale, it would make a nice dog/cat collar, though not inexpensive. The photos show the bracelet under normal light, in total dark, and the last is with the bracelet sitting on the back of the chair with a flashlight shining on it from about 20ft away so you can see the reflective paracord really shines.
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