Friday, May 05, 2006

Black over neon green paracord bracelet...

This is a paracord bracelet made with a king cobra stitch with the inner part done in neon green paracord and the outer layer in black paracord. You could make it larger for use as a choker necklace or a dog/cat collar. It's not adjustable, so you'd have to measure your own neck or your pet's neck and make the collar's laid out length about one to two inches longer than the neck size for a comfortable fit.

There are links at the bottom of the blog to some knot tying sites if you feel up to the challenge. Try the link for instructions on the cobra stitch which is also known as a Solomon bar, square knotting, Portuguese sinnet, and often used in macrame.

I have played around with using shock cord/bungee cord in the core to make the bracelets and paracord watchbands stretchy/adjustable, but haven't liked  how they've come out so far, but may try it again later.

I also was using some velcro cable ties to try and get an adjustable version, but will have to play around with it some more too.  It was really grabbing and pulling on the paracord threads when I tried tying over it with the core strands, and I didn't like the way it looked, having a couple of inches of velcro exposed for the adjustable section compared with a short side release buckle, but again that's something I may work on later, or someone else may give a go and run with it...

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