Monday, July 03, 2006

Adjustable paracord flashlight grips...

After making a couple of flashlight paracord grips and posting photos here and on a few forums I'm a member of, someone asked if they're adjustable.

The first ones weren't since they were tied right onto the flashlights. I made a couple more of them that are adjustable so they'll fit D cell and C lights. Here's what they look like and a quick 'how to' on attaching them.

 I put the loop end on the tail end of the light and double it up. Then I pull on the cordlock end with one hand and slide the grip part down onto the light to tighten up that end. I remove the cordlock, and wrap the cords around the head end of the light two or three time until theres just enough cord left to pull thru the cordlock, pull the ends thru the cordlock and tighten it up. The cordlock end sits at the head of the light and the loop end can be slid closer or farther from the head to adjust the size of the hand grip.

On a side note, I was looking on ebay for a C cell light and saw that someone had just put up their own version of this grip on a light for sale. That's cool with me, I'm all about sharing ideas. If ya see someone selling something handmade with paracord, buy it. Considering the time and costs in making things with paracord, most paracord junkies don't usually profit from our hobby, we just get enough to buy more cord and accessories to play with.

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