Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Paracord neck lanyards...

Here are a couple of neck lanyards I made using 4-strand plaits(black/olive done in diamond braid, black/gray done in spiral braid). The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework by Geoffrey Budworth has a good section on how to tie these and other braids.

 These can take awhile to make. I found myself messing up and having to untie and retie it several times until I had it the the way I wanted it. Patience is helpful when learning.
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Billy said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! I've found a new hobby!

I have a question though... do you know of any other ways to complete a full circle (necklace) after doing a spiral or diamond braid? I want a lanyard loop in the middle, but then have a completed necklace so that it isn't uncomfortable on the back of my neck.

Thanks a bunch!

Stormdrane said...

I've just done some splicing or covered the ends with whipping or a turks head knot. You might check out KHWW.net and I'm sure someone there will have some other options.

Billy said...

Thank you sir!