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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Paracord flashlight grip...

I just tried this idea today, of a flashlight paracord grip. It's actually made similar to a paracord bracelet. Loop the center of your cord around one end a couple of times, come down the length you want the grip, loop around the light a couple more times, then start knotting.

The maroon paracord is on the 3D cell Maglite and the black/olive drab is on the 2D cell light. I use about 15 feet of cord to make one. It can be slid on/off, but is tight enough when on, that it won't come off on it's own.

One of my blog readers was looking for ideas for a paracord grab handle on his Jeep's roll bars, and I suggested the flashlight grips might work well for that application...

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