Thursday, July 06, 2006

Flashlight twist wrap

I used 6 feet of type I OD green paracord to twist wrap this AAA LED light.

And the method shown using paracord over a Maglite 2AA flashlight.

After each couple of knots are tied, push/twist the work up towards the previous knots and keep tension on the cords to keep it all tight.


Queef Anderson said...

how do you finish this?

Stormdrane said...

With paracord or other synthetic type cords, I just trim and melt the ends in place.

If you use natural materials, like cotton or hemp, you can use a drop of super glue on the ends after trimming the cords, or use hemostats/needle nose pliers and work the ends back under a couple of previous wraps to hide and secure them.

Gary kent jr said...

im doing this on a AA Maglite and cant seem to get it as tight.

Bryggmästare 1 said...

Have i got this right? This is just a series of "half" cobra stitches.


Stormdrane said...

@Tobias, Yes, tying the same half knot instead of alternating them like you would for a cobra stitch/Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/square knotting, will cause the spiraling effect.