Sunday, September 17, 2006

Type I Paracord Keychain Lanyards

These are made with type I paracord in a king cobra stitch using about 13 feet of cord. I used a swivel clip on one end and a small split ring on the other, and added the large keyring. The large keyring could be removed and it could be attached to a Swiss Army knife, flashlight, etc... I have one on my keyring now and attached the swivel clip to a belt loop so the keys hang down inside my pocket. Posted by Picasa


CyBuzz said...

If you don't mind me asking, how do you finish both ends as a loop? I just started knotting this week. I made a grab handle for a bag with a cobra stitch. The starter end had a loop so that was easy. I just finished the other end with an Alpine Butterfly Bend but it isn't too elegant. Any input would be nice. I am waiting on my order for Ashley's book. Hopefully that will help.

Stormdrane said...

For the lanyard in this post, I just loop onto one point with the center of a length of cord, measure out the length of the lanyard with the working ends, then loop around the next point, and then do the knotting back towards the other end.

For lanyards like the 3 peg spool type with one working end coming from each end of the braid, I tie a lanyard knot on each end after making the braid. Take the single strand, make a loop, then tie the lanyard knot. The braided section is just one end to work thru the knot like end of the strand. Work the knot close to the braid and then you just tuck the free remaining end down into the center of the braid. One of my blog posts has this sequence shown.