Monday, November 06, 2006

I've used various sized ball bearings, marbles, wooden balls, and even ping pong balls for the centers of the monkey fists I've made. You can find them on ebay or your local hobby/craft store. You can make the monkey fists without anything in the center or just use some wadded up paper or plastic if you don't have anything else handy. Posted by Picasa


Tzvi Aryeh said...

Great Site. Have you thought about making a self defense belt with a monkey's fist. This belt would need to come off in less than a second.

I want to make one from paracord but I'm not sure how to effectively "buckle" the belt with the monkey's fist on one end.

Any ideas...shoot me an email.

Stormdrane said...

A monkey fist with a king cobra stitch would make a decent belt. The monkey fist on one end of the belt and the two loops at the other end of the king cobra stitch to secure the fist. My waistline fluctuates too much to use a fixed length belt, so it's not something I would make, but it's still doable. Take a 100 ft length of paracord, make a monkey fist in the center, measure the two cords coming out from the fist to the length of the belt plus a few inches and make sure the two end loops will fit the monkey fist, and start cobra stitches back towards the fist, when you reach the fist, king cobra back over those back to the end where you have the two loops to put the fist thru to secure it.