Friday, January 19, 2007

Here's a lanyard in black and neon green paracord done in a diamond braid with an eye splice loop and a black snap hook swivel. Overall finished length is 8.5 inches.


arte said...

Very interesting, I did something similar.



Jon said...

How do you do the eye splice loop? I am going to make a couple of dog leashes and was planning on doing them with a 2 color cobra stitch, but haven't determined how to make the loop to hold onto. Is there a good method to splice the cord from a cobra stitch to make a solid loop that won't pull loose?

Stormdrane said...

There are lots of online diagrams for splicing to follow, where you work the ends back into the braid. I'm not very good a splicing, so it usually doesn't look very good, so I usually also try covering the spliced section with 'common whipping', a snake knot, or a turks head knot.

If you use a cobra stitch, the simplest thing to do for a loop is a section of king cobra stitching back over part of the leash after forming your loop.