Friday, January 19, 2007

Paracord single strand braid knot lanyard

This lanyard is made by using a few feet of paracord, making a small loop on one end with a lanyard knot, then tie a braid knot(like a 3-strand braid, but using only one strand) of desired length, finishing with another lanyard knot with a small loop.

Then you can ring/cow/girth hitch it onto a swivel clip or other attachment piece at one end, and add an everyday carry(EDC) knife, multi-tool, pocket watch or flashlight on the other.

I made this one long enough so that it can also serve as a wrist lanyard when I clip onto the braid, making a loop.

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-Colin said...

Hey man, great blog. I too am a knot junkie and really enjoyed your stuff. I'm very impressed with how organized and well thought out your gear is.
Keep up the good work, you've made a fan.