Friday, August 08, 2008

16 lead 3 bight Turk's Head knot

I followed the instructions from Geoffrey Budworth's 'The Complete Book of Decorative Knots' for my first couple of attempts at the long 16 lead 3 bight Turk's Head knot.

Done with about 16 feet of green 550 paracord on a walking stick and with 1.4mm braided nylon cord on one of the stylus's that I use to work and tighten the knots with.

And this one done on a 2AAA Mini Maglite with a TerraLUX LED upgrade.


Sonika Soni said...

Very nice blog and very intresting knots. I like of of them and would definelty try some of them ..
Please reveiw . I prefer this site for learning knots
Thanks & Regards,

Trip_Wir3 said...

Do you have any trouble with the TH's slipping during use, is the knot tight enough not to slip or do you use adhesives?

Stormdrane said...

When tied over a smooth surface,like a carabiner, the TH's can be moved with force, but the longer they are, there's more surface area for friction making it harder to move.

When tied over a knurled section, like on a flashlight, it doesn't move. That also makes it a little harder to tighten it up.

You can use something like grip tape to put over a smooth surface before tying the TH's and that can help prevent it moving.

Bcubed said...

Gorgeous work Stormdrane. I personally just love TH's... as a basket weaver, its the under / over thing that is pleasing to my eyes. I have successfully done the long 3 bite TH as a decorative end to a rope horse halter. That 16 lead 3 bite looks awesome!!! I now look at all my stuff around the house as things to put TH's on. Keep up the good work!!

Gene Butcher said...

Where do you get your stylus's from?

Stormdrane said...

The clay stylus that I use for knot work came from a Michaels craft store. They work great for tightening the smaller diameter cord and working the slack out with turks heads knots and monkeys fists, and are ok with 550 paracord too.

There are plenty of online sources too, google 'clay stylus', and prices vary, but $2 or $3 each is what they usually cost.

Gene Butcher said...


Thanks for the info... never thought of using clay tools. Currently I have put the leather punch on my Swiss Army knife to the grinder but it has limitations and maneuvering issues and does not work for most projects.