Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Two toned paracord fob

I tied a common noose knot for this lanyard/fob, but doubled it with two different colors of paracord.

Some folks call it a coil knot. I used about 2.5'(feet) each, of camo green and black paracord to start and only trimmed a few inches off of them when finished. There are four strands at the end, since it's doubled, two were trimmed/melted and the other pair were used for a lanyard knot.

An S-Biner or carabiner could be used, just above the lanyard knot and below the coil, to clip to a belt loop, bag, pack, etc... Or if one of the cord strands was a few inches longer, it could be used to form a loop, after the lanyard knot, and worked back into the knot.

I left the two loop ends just large enough for my little finger for added retention when using the knife(Wenger Evogrip 18).


AC Service Cerritos, CA said...

Looks pretty nice!

<3 Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stormy, can you put a list of your suppliers on your blog somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...im not a big internet person. i came to your website by way of looking how to cord wrap a handle. I dont see a way to contact you, but i had a question i wanted to ask you about a turkish knot you put on a knife. so....how do i contact you???
blue skies