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Monday, August 08, 2011

Paracord Carabiner Spool Part II...

Digging through the closet, I found an empty spool, that previously held 50 feet of Wellington 1/8" Braided Poly-Pro Sportsman's Cord, along with a partially used spool of orange cord and unopened black. The label on them even says, 'Reusable Spool'. I believe I bought them at Walmart, several years ago, and don't know if they even still carry it, after a quick search on Google didn't bring anything up.

I cut the empty spool down one side with a utility knife and was able to work it onto a Blackhawk carabiner. I just used some package tape to cover up the cut along the spool, since I had it right in front of me, but will go back and use gaffer's/duct tape later. Even though the spool is shorter in length than the PVC pipe, that I used in the previous blog post project, I still managed to put 40 feet of paracord onto the this spool, wrapping it in the common side-to-side method.

The hole through the center of the spool is a few millimeters larger than the carabiner diameter, so it does rattle around a little bit, but I think tucking a short piece of scrap paracord in between the spool and the carabiner will quiet it down and keep it from moving until needed...

In case someone wants to search for the Wellington cord spools, the part number on the label is: 11120 and the UPC code is: 79085 11120. Or just keep an eye out for similar sized plastic spools with cordage to re-purpose the spools after the cord is removed. I think solder and wire may come on the same shape/size type spools. I'll have to remember to look for them the next time I get to a craft or hardware store.

*Note that the other spools, that still have cord on them, turned out to be made of a different plastic than the first. I had to cut the stiffer material spool all the way in half, then tape it back together around the carabiner, after which it worked like the first.


Sven Reichwagen said...

I cutted the spool in half and used PVC-Glue for PVC waterpipes to close the cut. That worked perfect (But put the glued spool outside for 1 day, because the smell of the glue is bad.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Great idea!

Dann in Ohio