Monday, September 12, 2011

Fenix E15 with a Spanish ring knot...

I follow Fenix Outfitters on Twitter, and they recently had a contest for a Fenix E15 Mini LED Light by simply retweeting a Twitter post, and I won.

The cool little flashlight arrived in the mail today and I added a Spanish ring knot to it with 0.9mm braided nylon string.  The string was white, but an orange Sharpie made quick work of changing the cord color.  It's been a while since I'd tied this knot so I had to look in my copy of Bruce Grant's 'Encyclopedia of  Rawhide and Leather Braiding' to refresh my memory.

The light came with a split ring and a spare o-ring, and I added a small gate clip to the split ring to make it easy to get on/off my key ring.

The knurling on the light gives enough grip to hold it in one hand, and use thumb and index finger to twist the head for on/off, and doing that quickly also changes the output from medium to low then high settings.

I found that the pocket clip from my Gerber Infinity flashlight fits well over the Fenix E15 body, so that I can clip it to the brim of a ball cap or boonie hat, for hands free use.

Getting a new flashlight always seems to lead to wishing for the Sun to hurry up and set, to properly test the light out in the dark. :)


Dan said...

Dude! That is a sweet little light! Nice score.

Anonymous said...

Hey SD.
what size and where do you get the small braided nylon in that color? i looked at the site thats linked in an older post and did not see the color you used.

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, The cord was white and I used a Sharpie marker to color it, and that works okay, as the cord just soaks up the ink right from the marker.

Under frequent handling, the color will fade, but a quick touch up with a marker can fix that. There are nylon dyes available to make a variety of colors, but I haven't tried them.

John Hudgel said...

Love the works you post. I do have one question for you. Could you run me through the steps for something about the size of a baseball?

Stormdrane said...

@John, The steps for tying a Spanish/woven ring knot are the same no matter what size cord or object you're tying around.

When tying the base turk's head knot, you can increase the number of bights in the initial knot before starting the ring knot weaving. Example link .