Friday, December 02, 2011

Walls go up, Crowns go down, Gaucho between flanked Spanish rings...

Coyote brown paracord in a round crown sinnet pocket knife lanyard/fob, with a couple of wall knots down the length. A 3 pass Gaucho knot in the center and a pair of 3 pass Spanish ring knots out to the sides, using black 0.9mm cord.

I used my copy of Bruce Grant's 'Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding' as a reference for the Gaucho and Spanish ring knots.

 And another with a square crown sinnet and 2 pass Gaucho knot around the center with 1.4mm cord.  The unseen center paracord section has round crowns tied, that the Gaucho knot was tied over.

The pocket knives shown are my Spyderco Salt I and Camillus Heat.

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Anonymous said...

Can you do a tutorial on the Gaucho knots and spanish ring? I am lost trying to do them.