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Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 1: Straps, Slip Knots, Falls, Bars, and Bundles', by JD Lenzen

If you're a fan of paracord and creative knot work or know someone who is, 'Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 1:  Straps, Slip Knots, Falls, Bars, and Bundles' by JD Lenzen, is available to order.  I was surprised by a FedEx package with the book from the author earlier today, and I'm sure others that have already pre-ordered will soon be receiving theirs as the book makes its way from the publisher to distributors.  Digital versions will also be available for download as well.

Several months ago, I was honored to accept JD's request to write the 'foreword' to the first volume of his new book, and got to see an early version of its contents.  He already has plans for future volumes, and if the growing number knot tyers and paracord wranglers in the online community is any indication, I think they'll be sought out by newcomers and experienced knot tyers alike.

Many are familiar with JD from his YouTube 'Tying It All Together' channel, and enjoy learning from his instructional tutorials, as well as his Facebook community page, and Fusion Knots website and forums.  Aside from his previous knot book, 'Decorative Fusion Knots', he's also written some novels.

A preview link for one of the ties in the book was released back in April, the Back-to-Back Bar, which I followed for tying a lanyard shown in this blog post.

The page for the book also offers a 'look inside' preview with more of the books contents, should the curious need more persuasion to purchase a copy.


smet337 said...

Good morning Stormdrane,Glad that JD give's us an opportunity to look inside. I can see all the really cool stuff that can apply for making knife lanyard's and related survival projects.Being new to tying I made the mistake of thinking that he was teaching more decorative bracelet type stuff.Can not wait to order his new book.As always you give us great information. Thanks Scot

Anonymous said...

Love reading your stuff... That picture of the tan and blue cord... what type of tying is that? Cobra? It looks cool, and I'd like to make it into a leash. Thanks!

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, That's actually olive drab and black paracord, just the lighting in the photo makes them appear tan/blue. The pattern shown is JD's(TIAT) Back-to-Back Bar. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the info, but I cant find the video or any link explaining how its done. I found a back to back feather bar.. But thats not it.

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, The highlighted 'blog post' link leads to the post with the 'link' of the lanyard I tied, from JD's preview link. ;)

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

it's crazy all the different types of knots there are. How interesting :)


Tom Hall said...

Stormdrane - Could you recommend a couple good beginner books? My dad is in a VA home, suffering from Alzheimers. We're looking for ways to keep his mind active, although he cannot use the woodshop or toolshop anymore (he's a retired tool and die maker). Since he was a sailor, knots might appeal to him, and they would be something we kids could do with him, and the cost would not be great.

Thank you,
Tom Hall, Racine, WI

Stormdrane said...

@Tom, A couple of good books to try would be Peter Owen's 'The Book of Decorative Knots', and 'The Complete Book of Knots' by Geoffrey Budworth.

Christopher Ellefson said...

Just got this as an early Christmas present and tired my first monkey fist! The book was awesome and easy to follow!I saw that stormdrane did the forward...great job storm!