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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clipped and Hitched Titanium & Brass...

I recently received a few new items in from County Comm, this time a couple of cool Brass Peanut and Split Pea Lighters, and a pair of medium and large Machined Titanium Flat Gate Clips.

I made a hitched pouch to fit over the smaller Split Pea lighter, using about 10 feet of 0.9mm cord, with the hitching started around an o-ring that is just slightly smaller in diameter than the lighter, but will stretch to fit it on and off as needed.  I attached it to the zipper pull of my jacket.

I attached the slightly larger Brass Peanut Lighter to a gadget cable key ring with the medium Ti Flat Gate Clip, which are noticeably lighter than similar sized stainless steel type clips.  The stainless steel gates on the Maratac Titanium clips are also the strongest I've encountered on any of the various clips I've tried from different manufacturers over the years.

I added small two bight Turk's head knots, with 0.9mm cord, around the large Ti Gate Clips, and used those on each end of a long 4 bight paracord lanyard.

Here's a link for a similar flashlight 'cap' I did last year, using a rubber band that I had handy at the time... Photon Freedom Micro: Darkness will never be the same again.


ht1237 said...

Excellent idea for the small peanut lighter! I've had one of those for a couple of years now and it's great in a pinch. I wish it were feasible for you to sell your projects, but in the meantime, I will attempt this myself.

smet337 said...

Ok Stormdrane,You are my #1 go to site!!You are the reason I continue to keep tying.My son in law maid my daughter a paracord bracelet when he was in Afghanistan and that prompted me to research how to and I landed on your site.Since then I have been totally addicted.I love trying to tie the little cord ,but love 550 too.I bought some .9mm to tie around a very small flashlight.I was wondering if you use some kind of magnifier and how do you go about securing being that it is so small?You are an inspiration to me and others,Thank you as always Scot

Stormdrane said...

@Scot, I recently got new eyeglasses, but the doc said I may not need bifocals yet, for a year or two more. I do hold the work up close when working with the smaller cord, but no magnifier yet either.

I know folks that tie fishing flies use magnifiers, so I imagine they might come in handy when working with the 0.9mm cord, since it's not much larger than heavy duty sewing thread.

I usually try to tuck the end strands when possible, or carefully melt with a wood burning tool/soldering iron, or use some strategic super glue application... ;)

Anonymous said...

where do you get your smaller cord from

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, The small diameter cord came from ebay, but can also be found from sources like 'FixMyBlinds', that sell mini blind parts, etc...

smet337 said...

Morning Stormdrane,I would hope that County Comm realize's that you are a great pitch for their products.I'am going to try to attempt to some what replicate your wrap,so I instantly bought one(spit pea lighter's).I was wondering if you could help me with the size o-ring that you used? Also anybody reading this I would recommend checking out Stormdrane's Flickr slide show!I was excited to see wrap's that I had never seen before.Have a Great Morning and thanks Scot

Stormdrane said...

@Scot, A friend sent me some o-rings, but they weren't individually labeled so I'm not positive on the exact size I used.

I believe they're nitrile rubber o-rings, and with the Brass Split Pea Lighter having about an 8mm diameter, a slighter smaller inner diameter o-ring with stretch, fit it.

I think the metric sizes that will work are something like P7 6.8mm inner diameter 1.9mm thickness, P8 7.8mm inner diameter 1.9mm thickness, and the next size was 8mm inner diameter 1.9mm thickness. A hardware store will likely have many choices, and with them being fairly inexpensive, having a variety to work with wouldn't hurt.

After tying onto the o-ring and making the initial hitching around it, I slid the o-ring onto a piece of plastic tubing that was just a little wider than the lighter, to work the hitching around, so as not to scratch up the lighter with the lacing needle... ;)

Anonymous said...

Stormdrane. Awesome idea with the lighter! hehe I loved the way you used the o-ring on the peanut lighter, the hitching you did, and how clever it was to use it as a zipper pull. hehe :-) I a couple of peanut lighters here at home, and I also have some o-rings. I have some nice small diameter cord you gave me as a gift a long time ago, and I think I am going to make one for me Stormdrane. I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea. You are very talented in knotting, and also very clever to make different projects that you can make them part of your EDC. hehe

Manny. ;-)

Anonymous said...


I did it! :-) I'll send you pictures of it. See what you think of it. I used a constrictor knot to start the hitching on the O-ring. The cord you gave me was just perfect for this project, because is a very good quality cord, and it does not kink when you are hitching! I wanted a tight fit on the pouch, so I hitch directly on the lighter. I placed my lighter on my back pack that I use for work, on one of the zippers. It's like part of my EDC now. :-)I had a lot of fun making it Stormdrane! It goes well with the Berkley multi tool pouch too. hehe ;-)