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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Shields of Strength

I've bought several different Shields of Strength pendants, with their inspirational verses on the back, over the last few years, keeping a couple for myself and giving others away to friends and family.

I've added paracord over some of the ball chain necklaces, used other pendants on EDC key chain setups, and have tried a few different knot work ideas with some, including the long 4 bight Turk's head knot tied over this one.

With the open lattice looking pattern of this knot, the orange 0.9mm cord knot is a bit too loose for my liking without some way of better securing it to the underlying navy blue paracord covered ball chain, like maybe added a bit of strategic needle and thread work along the length of it.

I had intended to do a Gaucho knot over the ends, covering both ends of the Turk's head knot and where the paracord comes together over the ball chain clasp, but not interfere with it being able to safely break-away should the necklace ever get caught on something.

I could tie a tighter pattern with more leads or make more passes, but I'll probably just untie this one and try some hitching ideas.

You could certainly wear one as shown, just as long as you don't go trekking through briars and brambles where it could snag and pull the knot work all out of sorts.

And another one shown with two Gaucho knots tied with 0.9mm cord, on each side of the split ring attachment on the pendant.  The pendants come with a jump ring, but I swapped them out for slightly larger split rings.


Shirley Moore said...

As a beadweaver, I love the loose, soft look of the rope. I understand it may not fit in with a paracord design style, but I really love it. And now I'm off to check out the shields...thanks for the link!

sharkbait said...

Very cool SD!

Stephen White Photography said...

Very cool, David! I love the shields. Now, I know where to go to find them! The braid over the paracord is also very sharp. Love it!

Michael Sterling said...

Very nice. Reminds me of Braveheart. Also, for me, this echoes a book called "Wild at Heart".
It's by John Eldredge.

smet337 said...

Hey Stormdrane,This is off topic but I tried getting on Khhw and looks like they are not there any more? Any ideas?Thanks and you have a good day Scot

Stormdrane said...

@Scot, I believe they're having some issues with the server/host. The site was down, back up, and down again this week, but I'm sure Brian(Owner/Admin for the site) is working on getting it back up ASAP. ;)

smet337 said...

Morning Stormdrane,Thanks for letting me know.I thought it was me,ya I have zero knowledge on computers.You have a good day.Scot

Mike D said...

David - This is a very unique looking site. I really, really like it. Seriously, it's beautifully simple. I have a question about knots - How man knots do you know how to tie off the top of your head? BE HONEST. This is something that is so difficult for me to remember. I can tie less than a dozen from memory.

Stormdrane said...

@Mike, Some types of knots are easier to remember than others, but most require looking up for a refresher if I haven't used/tied them in a while. I consider myself lucky as long as I don't forget how to tie my shoes, lol... ;)