Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Black/olive drab lanyard/fob with a white skull bead on a keychain. Posted by Picasa


baseballfreak47 said...

Hey stormdane I love your blog it is very helpful I do have just one question. How long is this lanyard and about how much paracord did you start out with?

baseballfreak47 said...

Hey stormdane I commented on the one before this could you respond on this comment instead I forgot to have it email me when you respond thanks abunch

Stormdrane said...

For the crown sinnet type fobs like this, you'll have two lengths of paracord. A longer piece that includes the loop and the shorter that is part of the body.

It's been awhile since I made a lot of these, but I think the two pieces were about 34" long and 28" long, of gutted paracord. That would make about a 3" loop with a 2" sinnet body, and have enough excess cord to make the last sinnet knot and then trim off and melt the ends.