Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is a black reflective and orange paracord round sinnet lanyard/fob with chrome plated brass ring beads and glow-in-the-dark o-rings in between the ring beads attached to a Spyderco Salt pocket knife. The Glo-Rings can be found here.
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Scot Metcalf said...

lipappe 95And good morning Stormdrane,I have recently started back at the beginning and I,am having real issues with something as easy as these.I bought JD,s second addition and decided to try the coronation of crown sinnets. I had bought some 450 cord since that's what I see him use allot so when I do the crown it stay,s in position but doing the wall,s the cord would not stay at all.Now I see and know how everything you have ever done was perfect because you take your time and care about the result.I to have learned to not force things to work gradually no matter what I do with that cord it will not stay snug can you please help me? I have always had the great respect for you so as always thank you for your help.Frustrated Scot

Stormdrane said...

@Scot, When tying crown and/or wall sinnets, it can be a bit like having OCD, repeatedlly pulling all the working strands tight, several times for each knot, before moving on to tying the next crown/wall knot.

In my experience, just pulling on the working ends once or twice will only produce a loose/soft sinnet, compared with multiple tightening pulls, as I rotate the work in hand for each knot that's tied, and end up with a nice tight/stiff knot for the length of a sinnet. Hope that makes sense... ;)