Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pocket Organizer spare paracord carry, Pocket Grappling Hook, Tube-A-Ton, & Industrial Strength Survival Food Grade Tin...

The straps on the back of my County Comm Pocket Organizer have snaps on them, allowing easy on/off with a belt/PALS/MOLLE webbing attachments. I had a 10 ft length of paracord and just tied onto one strap with a simple loop/overhand knot, and did a figure 8 storage method with the cord, weaving around the straps, finishing with another loop/overhand to secure it.

For quick removal and use of the paracord, you just unsnap the straps and pull the cord right off the straps. You can easily store double that amount, maybe more, by doubling up the cord around the straps, I just used what I had handy to try it out...

Blackhawk and Spec-Ops have made similar pocket organizers, links going to short reviews I made on EDC Forums in 2006, but the straps on the those two were sewn in place, so this wouldn't work with those unless you modified them by adding your own button snaps. At the time I reviewed them, I ended keeping the County Comm pouch for myself, giving the Blackhawk(I think) to my dad, and selling the other.

*Added a photo of the contents of my Pocket Organizer, some items listed in the 'Comments' section. Not shown are a handkerchief, that's usually kept tucked into the front mesh pocket of the organizer, spare paracord, micro screwdriver pen, and a book of postage stamps. I'd add more, like spare AA, AAA, and coin cell batteries for flashlights that I carry, but there's just no more room in this one.

The XL EOD Utility Bag has four similar button/snap straps on one side and those could be utilized in a similar manner with storing cord/rope...

Without a strap setup, you could still rig up some cord or spare nylon webbing to figure 8 around, and still attach it to PALS/MOLLE webbing, or have a clip/carabiner to hang it onto other gear, or a point to deploy the cord from. The ends would just need to be able to come apart/separate so the cord can be pulled off. Lots of possibilities there...

The Pocket Grappling Hook pegs the needle on the cool meter. They're not made for scaling walls or buildings, but have lots of other uses described on the County Comm link along with a video.

The Tube-A-Ton has several grooves along it's length for grip, and I added some 3 lead 11 bight turks head knots with 0.9mm nylon cord. I may color the white cord with blue and orange Sharpies for Auburn team colors. I've already put a spare AA battery for my flashlight in one end of the tube and some toothpicks in the other.

The Industrial Strength Survival Food Grade Tin will be used to make a small survival kit. A lot of folks have used old Altoid tins to make survival kits and this one is about the same size only built much sturdier.


Anonymous said...

What is in your EDC organizer ?

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, My pocket organizer currently holds the following:

~Fisher Space Pen - Black Military
~Ball point pen
~Magnetic telescoping pen
~Tide laundry pen
~WD40 pen
~Clicky pencil
~Victorinox Sportsman II
~Mini clip-on compass
~Mini thermometer
~Mini utility scissors/shears
~Vaughn mini pry bar
~Pill fob with aspirin
~Rite in the Rain mini notebook
~nail clippers with tools in leather case
~Credit card sized magnifier/firestarter
~Inova Microlight
~Titanium Spork
~Black&Decker key chain screwdriver
~Mini Bic lighter
~Mini first aid kit
~Antacid tablets
~Mini sewing kit

... and a couple more items. I just need to take everything out and add a photo for the doubters, lol... I keep the little bugger stuffed.

If I carry it in a BDU/cargo pant pocket, I have to wear suspenders just to keep my britches up. ;)


Don In Alabama said...

Just ordered this...never would have known it existed if you hadb't have posted! Main thing I want it for is my electronic cigarette batteries and cartomizers. Plus, I know I'll fill it up with other stuff like you did.

HerrBGone said...

I've set up something similar with a Maxpedition Fatboy. I really need to reorganize it and cull the dross. It's gotten rather heavy!

Lane said...

Did you remove the stitching on the r.h. pocket to make one larger pocket?

Stormdrane said...

@Lane, Yes, the stitching was easily removed for a preferred larger pocket. ;)