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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shoelace lattice lacing a paracord bracelet, continued...

Like the previous blog post on shoelacing and paracord, applying techniques from Ian Fieggen's book, 'Laces', I added some lattice lacing to another already tied bracelet, doing the same 10 eyelet lacing pattern.  But, this time started at one side release buckle end, working toward the center,  tying two consecutive patterns.  Note this is all done with the same single strand, although you could used separate strands to alternate colors, or do different lacing patterns, etc.

Once two patterns were done, I ran the working ends of the lacing cord down alongside the core strands of the bracelet, keeping them out of sight, to the opposite buckle end, and then tied the remaining two patterns back towards the center, for a finished bracelet with four lattice laced patterns added in.  It just worked out by luck that the spacing between each pattern was the same.  A different sized  bracelet might require shorter lacing patterns to equal out the same way. 

I wasn't sure how much 0.9mm cord I would need to begin, so I over-guesstimated(hopefully at the time) with a 12 foot length, and small Perma-Lok lacing needles on each end of the strand.  Without the lacing needles, it would be a chore to work the cord through with hemostats, but still doable.  I ended up needing just 6 feet of the 0.9mm cord after tying, securing, tucking, and trimming the excess off.

Because the tightened lacing can stiffen up the bracelet sections where it's tied, I worked the lacing with the bracelet buckled together in a round shape, trying to make sure and maintain the curve of the bracelet.  If you don't do this, and add the lacing to a flat bracelet, you'll find that it doesn't want to curve to wrap around a wrist anymore, and cursing may ensue with untying/retying, if you still have any patience left, lol.

If you're adding the lacing to a paracord lanyard of fob, by all means work the lacing into a flat straightened section where the stiffness won't be a problem, and maybe patterns can be tied on both sides...


Tigermask said...

Great work yet again David. Love the incorporation of so many different elements in your work. Truly inspirational.
In regards to most of your bracelets, which material do you recommend, nylon or polyester paracord? Being an almost complete beginner, I've only tried the polyester so far and have heard the nylon is rather "saggy".
All the best to you and yours.

Stormdrane said...

@Duncan, Most of the paracord I currently use is 550 type commecial nylon paracord. Paracord with polyester content(450/650 polyester inner strands with nylon outer sheath) is said to shrink up a bit, so that should be taken into consideration if making something like paracord bracelets or pet collars.

I don't think I've bought any 100% polyester paracord(outer kernmantle/sheath and inner strands/core), although it's seen more often now from some vendors, some costs less, and I think most of it is imported. For decorative knot work it should be fine to use, but if wanting the strength, durability, and utility of paracord for multiple uses(outdoor/weather/UV exposure/survival), I'd stick with 550 mil-spec/commercial paracord.

Paracord will vary from different manufacturers/vendors in how it looks/feels, some may seem solid/round, others flattened out, loose over the core strands(saggy), etc.. They all can be worked with, so if you find a particular brand/vendor with good customer service and that has cord you like, stick with 'em.

A lot of folks just want 'cheap' cord, and end up with something they don't like.... ;)

Tigermask said...

Many thanks David. I appreciate the advice. I'm finding knotting wonderfully therapeutic after the daily grind of the working day. I look forward to working my way through your archive and picking out some (easy) projects. Oh and a big thank you for your instructables page!
All the best,

Chad Moore said...

I love your blog and your work! I am sure you have answered this question many times but can you tell me what size and kind of cord you use for the inner strands on this one and the center stitched paracord bracelet? I know that you used 1.4mm cord on the center stitched bracelet but where can I find this cord? Thanks for any help or recommendations. Keep up the amazing work.

Stormdrane said...

@Chad, Some smaller diameter cord can be found on ebay, mini blind type string, and similar cord can also be found at RW Rope .

Michael McGregor said...

What size lacing needle do you use for the smaller cords like that?

Stormdrane said...

@Michael, I use the small Perma-Lok needle(1193-01) for the smaller diameter cordage, 0.9mm and 1.4mm cord. There's an Amazon link for them at the bottom of the blog post. ;)

Terry said...

Have you done a video that shows how you weaved the small diameter cord on this bracelet?


Stormdrane said...

@Terry, I have not done a video on the lattice lacing, but you can get the basics of it from Ian's website or his book .

The spaces on a paracord bracelet between the horizontal cords and core strands are treated like the eyelets on the shoes. ;)

Terry said...

Thanks David!¡!