Monday, July 22, 2013

Shoe-lacing paracord bracelets...

I recently bought a copy of Ian "Professor Shoelace" Fieggen's book, 'Laces' from, and applied one of the lacing variation patterns in his book to a paracord bracelet.

For the example I show here, I followed a 10 eyelet lattice lacing pattern, and used the spaces on each side of a basic Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/cobra stitch bracelet as improvised 'eyelets'I worked the orange 0.9mm cord, using a pair of small Perma-Lok lacing needles, to go over, under, and around an already tied olive drab paracord bracelet to make the design.
The book, and Ian's site, have a lot of patterns to explore, not just to "pimp your kicks", but to play around with other possibilities...
Ian's Shoelace Site has been in my blog's links list for a long time, and for many, tying shoelaces may have been their first introduction to knot work, so I've found the site to be worth a visit. ;)


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