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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Encompassed in Brass

I received a couple of cool new items from County Comm last month.  The Brass Match/Compass Capsule and the Companion Compass.

I've tied/untied several ideas with both pieces, using paracord, gutted and un-gutted, tether cord, 1.4mm cord, and 0.9mm string, even zigzag spooling some.  They look nice just as they came, so I almost left them naked, just with a dummy cord attached, lol...

For the capsule, I went with 0.9mm cord to tie a Gaucho knot variation from a 3 lead 5 bight Turk's head, expanded to a 5 lead 9 bight, then worked in the Gaucho pattern.  Next was Moku hitching, then another Gaucho to finish.

I stared with a 10 foot long strand of the 0.9mm cord, tying and tightening the first knot, then added in another 10 foot strand to do the Moku hitching with both strands, and finished with the other Gaucho knot with the remainder of the second strand.

I got lucky with the cord I'd need guesstimate, and ended up just 18 inches left of both strands, so no waste as those scrap ends will eventually get put to use.  I used black tether cord with scaffold knots at each end for a two foot long dummy retention cord to attach to a belt, bag, gear, etc..

For the Companion Compass, I was thinking of adding it to a zipper pull, or a tether cord necklace, but instead attached it to a Grimloc, to clip to MOLLE webbing, or use with an EDC keychain, etc...

I ran some 1.4mm cord through the compass's brass attachment point, through a pewter Schmuckatelli Co. Joe skull, around the Grimloc, then tied a two-strand wall knot, ran the cords back down through the skull bead and tied several more wall knots in a sinnet that looks a bit like a spinal column, then trimmed and melted the ends to finish.


Jared said...

Can a rolled up dollar bill fit into that capsule without folding it? If so how many can you get in there?

Stormdrane said...

@Jared, A rolled bill is just a bit too long to fit inside, you'd have to fold it, although with the inside diameter space, you could still fold and get several bills to fit inside.

Anonymous said...

how did you get that hole in the arm of that grimloc? did you drill it yourself? big fan of your work! magnificent

Stormdrane said...

Yep, drilled the hole myself, just using a drill bit that's big enough to fit the molded groove in that end that allows a split/cable key ring to fit through, but not so large that it would noticeably affect the strength of the carabiner arm.

I'd seen the idea posted somewhere in one of the forums several years ago. ;)