Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bat Light with paracord handle finger grip wrap...

I first saw the Nebo iProtec Bat Light online last summer. It looked like a nifty multipurpose LED flashlight to add to the wish list, and I finally bought one a few weeks ago.  It reminds me of the tire thumpers I had when I was a truck driver, only this has a flashlight built in and is a whole lot brighter than the keychain flashlights I usually carried.  I like it so far, it just needed some paracord added to the handle/grip area.

With a 20 foot length of licorice paracord(a red & black color combination), I started tying at the clicky/button switch end of the light with a Spanish/woven ring knot, tied and tightened, then a few coiled wraps before tying each of the other Spanish/woven ring knots, repeating that pattern, creating a finger grip effect over the knurled grip section of the light.

I've used similar handle/grip wraps before, good on walking/hiking staffs, flashlights, knife and tool handles, etc.

I kept tying beyond the knurling, up over the smooth center section of the light, so I added some silicone tape, for grip, around that part before continuing, so that the knot work wouldn't twist loose.  The knurling offers plenty of friction with the paracord around the rest of the grip to stay in place.

I ended up using about 16 feet paracord when finished, out of the 20 foot starting length, so I could have continued with a bit more knot work, but I was satisfied with the grip as I had it.

There is a tiny hole in the base of the light for a wrist lanyard, too small for paracord, but a split ring or 1.4mm cord can fit through it in case I want to add a lanyard.

The textured rubber sleeve that fits over the top of the light could be removed if one wanted to add even more knot work along the length of the light.

I've used the light frequently when going out before sunrise to pick up the daily newspaper.  With rabid animals reported in the area over the last couple of months, I like having something in hand that I might could clobber one with if attacked, lol...

And another photo of the Bat light next to my 3D-cell Maglite for size comparison.  My Maglite is shown with a paracord grip that I tied for it in July 2006.

Here are a couple more links for the doubled Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/king cobra grip tied as adjustable with a cord lock, and for a Mini Maglite/koppo stick grip version.  I also suggested these type of grips would work for Jeep grab handles when a blog reader had asked me for ideas.


Mark Wing said...

Amazing work, though now it definitely looks like a weapon. You have a real talent for that stuff. I can barely tie my shoes.

Gary Usleaman said...

Did this last night on one of my mag lights. Took a few attempts but I like the result. Thanks!

john hampton said...

you know it's funny. I had done three different of these bat lights I found at loves truck stop. I love your pieces however didn't know that you had this one. sir you are an inspiration. j hampton