Saturday, May 20, 2017

SAK lanyard edc pocket dump on a May Saturday afternoon...

A right front pocket dump on this Saturday afternoon, with a rumble of thunder outside.  A two-peg spool knit lanyard, done with 1.4mm cord/string (tan color), about two foot long finished length, shown attached to one of my Wenger Swiss Army Knives (Traveler, I think).

I used a leftover scrap of string to tie a Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/cobra stitch over the single strand loop end, to run a belt through, or fit a finger or two if the lanyard is being used in hand, for retention.


Pastor Thom said...

I've got a question about your tan lanyard that you made with the 1.4mm cord. I've made a 2 peg spool to the demensions in your video and have really enjoyed using it. Did you us a smaller spool to get the smaller cord to look so tight? What measurement for the gaps in your pegs made such a good looking and tight weave? My fear is that the larger spool spacing from the orange paracord project will be too big and "gappy" (I'm sure that's a word!) for smaller cord.
By the way, I love your blog! You're very creative and it inspires me a lot! Keep up the good work!

Stormdrane said...

I use several different spools with the pegs/nails set at different spacings for different diameters of cord and tighter/looser knit options. For the 1.4mm cord, I probably used a spool with 3/4" between the pegs/nails/cotter pins. :)