Tuesday, April 10, 2018

An 8 lead 5 bight Turk's head knot..

Another knot from Tom Hall's book, "Introduction to Turk's Head Knots", an 8 part 5 bight casa knot, that I tied with gutted paracord, first around a Sharpie marker for a mandrel, then moved on to an oval shaped wood bead and dressed/tightened up.

I added the knot covered bead to a leather bootlace wrist lanyard and one of my rigging/marlinspike knives.

Knives listed clockwise from lower left:

My blog was started 13 years ago this month, and I appreciate those that take the time to visit and give it a read and browse the photos, and I'll continue to try and answer comments/questions when I can.

And I'm also glad that some folks have found an interest in knot work and edc (everyday carry) through my blog on stuff like knives, flashlights, and keychains paired with some decorative and useful wrangling of paracord, leather, and other cordage and begin to explore it further as a hobby/craft.

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Anonymous said...

It's been great to follow along and love your many ideas. I got into tying because of you. Keep up the awesome work!

Russell Loud said...

Thank you for having this site/blog. You have been an inspiration and great help for advancing my knot tying skills. Keep up the great work.