Thursday, April 05, 2018

CRKT Tomahawk Leather and Paracord Handle Wrap...

One of my sisters sent me this CRKT Woods Nobo T-Hawk Tomahawk and a couple of 3/4" wide leather straps, from my Amazon wish list, and I received them in the week before Christmas.  I've tied/untied multiple variations of handle wraps in the last three months, and I've still not made any of them permanent on the tomahawk.

The 3/4" wide leather straps are only six feet long each (72") and neither of the pair I have are long enough alone to wrap the handle, unless I just space out a basic crossed pattern, and then I'd need some carpet tacks, or decorative upholstery tacks to secure the leather in place, and I could still use those with the current shown wrap.

As seen, the wrap is coiled up from the base of the handle for the grip, then I tied a long two-bight Turk's head knot (19 lead 2 bight) the rest of the way, with one strap running out with the TH knot partially done, I overlapped the second strap and continued on with the knot.

At the base of the handle is a pineapple knot and there's a Spanish ring knot around the short exposed part of the handle above the tomahawk head, both of those done with gutted paracord.

A nice handle wrap helps to differentiate your tactical camping survival zombie apocalypse hair parting device from the next guy's. ;)

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