Monday, February 12, 2007

Here's a wrist lanyard I made with some TAD Gear glow cord I have left(TAD Gear is currently out of it and possibly looking for a new source). And a couple of photos of my Maglites, some with my paracord grips.


Jacob said...

Is there anywhere in your blog or elsewhere that gives a nice description of how to make those nice finishing knots on the clip-side of the lanyards?

Stormdrane said...

The knot is actually at the start of the lanyard. I loop onto the swivel clip and tie a lanyard knot, then I do the round sinnet. I make a loop with the longer piece of cord and turn the pieces back to start making the sinnet with the cords from the lanyard knot at the base of the lanyard knot. You keep the loop centered inside the sinnet as you make it. The hard part is getting the first knot done and worked up to the lanyard knot, after that it's easy.

Elena Murphy said...

Hello. Can you please tell me how you make the color variation shown on the left-most flashlight? I know the others are a half-hitch and the king cobra. It's the one where the horizontal strands are one color and the vertical ones another. Thank you.

Stormdrane said...


That one is also a king cobra stitch. When doing the two-tone king cobra, after the cobra stitch, you have a choice of which color to overlap the previous cobra stitch(which also show one primary color down the center of one side and trim the other, and is going to show under the king cobra).

One way will give more of a mix of the two colors where the other will show the dominate color in the center with the other color on the edges/trim. The edge color can barely be seen down the center of that last one on the left. Hope that helps/makes sense.