Friday, March 09, 2007

Gifts from a friend

A friend recently returned from Iraq and sent me a couple of cool items.

Check out the black reflective paracord grip on the AK47 spike bayonet, with the skulls weaved into the cobra stitch/Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet knotted handguard.

The paracord bracelet also has the pewter skull beads. Nice work Big Al! Thank you, Sir.  I appreciate it, and glad you made it safely home.


mauser*girl said...

That is very nice work! :)

Mark said...

Cool stuff!
Nothing wrong with good old handwork!

greets, Mark
My Blog.. I guess

Chief said...

Could you shed some light on how to replicate one of these???

Stormdrane said...

I've not made one myself, but from just looking at it, I'd say it goes as follows:

It's a cobra stitch/Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet that's started by putting the middle of the length of cord towards the center of the bayonet.

Then you run the two ends towards the base of the bayonet, this is making the loop part of the handle, and run the cords along the backside of the bayonet back to the starting point.

Now you start the stitches over the core strands of the handle loop, to the base, and continue the stitches over the core strands and bayonet body.

At this point, I'm not sure exactly how Big Al finished up, as part of the wrap looks doubled up around the bayonet. It looks like that was done to even out the grip where the end of the bayonet itself isn't even.

He may have used a separate piece of cord at that point, but I'm not going to take mine apart to find out. I think if you play around with one with that info, you will probably get it figured out from there using the same type of bayonet. Hope that helps.