Friday, May 11, 2007

Exploring spool knitting for lanyards...

I tried out a different braid for this lanyard, also have seen it called an icord.  Photo shows it used as a pocket watch lanyard/fob.

I used 'Type I' paracord and I like how it turned out considering it's the first one I've made like this.

I used a knitting tool, sometimes called a corker or knitting spool, and it can go by several other names from various sources.,

An example of a spool that I used is similar to this one, and another of one being used ia shown here, but I only used three pegs/prongs/nails.

...and some others done in glow-in-the-dark cord from 'CoolGlowStuff!'.

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Mushy said...

Very cool items my man!

I'd like to buy a couple things and then learn how to do it.

I remember making key chain things out of plastic back in the 60's...same idea?

Thanks for the visit.