Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3 Peg Spool Knitted Paracord Hatband...

I finished up the knitted/braided/woven paracord hatband. The hat is an XL and that meant an even longer length for the hatband. It's more like a rope than a band, as the braid/weave looks and feels like a 5/8 inch diameter rope.

The braided part is about 27 inches and I kept about a foot of length in the starting end strand and another foot at the finished working end. That makes the total amount of paracord used around 37 feet. I just tied it off in the back of the hat and it can easily be secured to the hat with a couple of small safety pins on either side, out of sight.

It could be made longer as a rope type belt, or shorter for various types/length lanyards. Just another way to 'be prepared'(former Boy Scout, so it's ingrained in the psyche), and having some paracord handy in case it might be needed for whatever. I didn't time it, but this is a time consuming project. The funny thing is that I could probably undo it in under a minute.


Markk said...

Very interesting and creative hobby. I'll be tied up in knots if I were to give it a try!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how to start the hat band. I am in the military in Iraq. I am trying to get the hang of this band. Can you help.
Thank, Rob

Stormdrane said...

Hi Rob, Thanks for your service and be safe out there.

Here's some photos showing the start of a hatband/lanyard using a knitting spool/corker. You may have to copy/paste the web addresses for them to your browser to see them.