Sunday, September 23, 2007

Carry 50 feet of cord on your hat

Here's another way to carry 50 feet of cord around with you. I used a three peg knitting spool to loosely knit 50 feet of this 1/16 inch diameter utility cord to go around my boonie hat.

After knitting the cord, I worked it around the webbing on the hat, starting at the back center, and finished off the last foot of cord, with the single start and end strands, using the snake knot.

I purchased the cord last year at an Army/Navy store and haven't seen it anywhere since. It's 1/16" polypropylene utility cord made by Atwood Rope Mfg. You'll have to google it and see if you can find a source for it, or use Type I paracord, or other 1/16" sized cord to get 50 feet of it around a boonie hat like I've done here. Of course this is a 7 3/4 sized hat to fit my large noggin, but I believe it'd still work on a smaller hat.


Dave Licence said...

Your blog is being redirected to Network Solutions - seems they have taken over Blogmad and changed their script to do the redirect. A bit sneaky. If you phone them up they will try to blame a hacker and sell you a 'safe' personal site. You need to edit your blog layout and remove the Blogmad script from the template or widget its in

Stormdrane said...

Thanks for the heads-up. That's downright dirty of them to practically hi-jack blogs like that.

LT said...

Atwood Rope makes 300ft spools of the 1/16" rope specifically for Mills Fleet Farm ( however they sell it elsewhere. In different sized packages. I have it in a bunch of different colors.

Alcosinus said...

Hi Storm,

Your decorative hat is a very good idea.

Beautiful work and splendid knotting.

With my best regards,


Teri said...

Have you ever used a lucet? They make square shaped cordage. Might be an interesting change from a knitting spool. There's good info on lucets here

Stormdrane said...


I've seen them before, but have never tried using one. I'd come across a couple of links mentioning they've been around for hundreds of years or longer. Thank you for the link, I'll have to buy or make one and give it a try. =)