Monday, October 08, 2007

2mm braided nylon cord

I got some decent 2mm braided nylon cord last week. It's typically used for fishing/trot lines, but works great for knot work and has about a 150 lb test for breakage, making it stronger than the 'Type I' paracord I like. Not a lot of color choices, but I like the light green olive color that I received. I've made a few assorted lanyards and monkey fists with it and I want to spend some more time with the Turk's head knot.


Mauser*Girl said...

The Turk's Head Knot is always a very nice looking knot - it's also one I have a lot of trouble with for some reason.

Since I'm a reenactor (I do WWII), and I do knots, I made a bunch of leather Turk's Head Knots one time to sell to reenactors. They were used to hold neckerchiefs in the Hitler Youth, and lots of people let their kids dress up as little HJ's/BDM's for events, so there's always a source for leather Turk's Head Knots needed. *lol* (It doesn't occur to most people that you can easily *MAKE* them....)

JP said...

Quite a bit of difference between the those two spool knitted lanyards in terms of the tightness of the weave. What are you doing to make the weave so much tighter? I have a plastic tool that with pegs which are fairly close together but using 1.4mm cord is too loose for my taste.

Stormdrane said...

The tightness of the spool knitted lanyard's weave, is determined by the spacing of the pegs and diameter of the cord used.

For making a tighter weave with a single diameter cord, you have to make a spool with the pegs closer together or use a larger diameter cord with the spool you have.

Mimi said...

Can anyone help me find a fold over crimp with teeth on both ends and the edges (not an ending crimp) for cord? I need it for a project I'm making to hide and secure a 2mm cord to a braided cord. I have looked everywhere and need help. Thanks, Mimi