Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shock cord lanyard/wrist strap

I used a few feet of shock cord to make this lanyard/wrist strap, for my Leatherman Wave edc multitool, with lanyard knots on each end with a swivel snap hook and split rings for attachments and went over it with 1mm cotton cord in a cobra stitch(Solomon Bar/Portuguese sinnet).

I used super glue at each end of the knot work to hold the cotton cord in place and the rest of it will stretch with the shock cord. I added a short video showing the stretch.


k13pt0 said...

wow now that is something i've never seen done before .. great job :D

Jeff said...

Stormdrane - I tried to find an email for you but I couldn't. Hoping you'll see this comment.

This weekend, I was messing around and took some gutted paracord and tied about 8" of cobra stitch/Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/square knotting over a single (non gutted) paracord. When I was done, I pulled the single strand out of the middle and was absolutely amazed that the gutted cobra stitched section was just like a spring. Very cool. Just wondering if you've ever tried this or heard of it. Could be useful!

Thanks for a wonderful Blog. -Jeff

Stormdrane said...

Yup, it has a name, but I don't recall it at the moment. You can do it without using a core by tying the series of alternating half-hitches. If you don't alternate them, you end up with spiral/twist shape that also does the stretch/spring.

Have some fun with it, I'm sure you can figure out a good use for it as a lanyard or fob. :)

Grayson Kelly said...

Hi stormdrane. I'm curious, how did you get your lanyard hole and the pocket clip on your wave? I got the lanyard hold on, but the user guide says that you can only use either the lanyard hole or the pocket clip at one time, but you've got'd you do that? I was looking at my wave and was wondering if you didn't unscrew the handle and slip out, what looks to me, an insert of useless metal in order to put the pocket clip on. let me know please. If you alter your tool, please give me some idea of how you did it. thanks.

Stormdrane said...

The lanyard loop is built into the handle end of the Leatherman Wave. It can be pushed into the end of the tool or extended(you have to use something like a pen tip to push it out when it's retracted).

The detachable pocket clip and lanyard loop are separate from the integral one and are sold separately. I guess Leatherman thought having a detachable lanyard loop would be an added benefit to someone that kept the tool attached to themselves or a piece of gear that could be easily detached without having to untie something.

I have seen a mod for the Wave using detachable saws with the base cut to match the pocket clip/lanyard loop base. You might look around for other similar mods for the Wave and other multitools.

Timbo said...

Hi Stormdrane,
just wondering how you did the lanyard knot at the split ring end. Is this where the shock cord ends/tags are? And is the ring just through one of the loops in the lanyard knot?
sorry for novice questions.
thanks tim

Stormdrane said...

@Timbo, The two working ends of the shock cord go through the split ring, a loose lanyard knot is tied, pull the rest of the lanyard up through the center of that lanyard knot, that leaves the split ring on the end, and tighten up the knot to finish. Hope that makes sense.