Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Long 3 bight Turk's Head

I followed Bud Brewer's photo tutorial, on the Knot Heads World Wide website, to make this long 3 bight Turk's Head on a Mini Maglite. I made 3 passes with 1/16" Cool Glow Stuff glow-in-the-dark cord, then a couple more passes with green 1mm cotton cord and black 1mm cotton cord.


tiedandtrue said...

hi stormdrane. i was wondering...i am an aerialist. I climb silk as a form of dance. i am lately getting more interested in other suspension stuff and rigging. any good resources?

i'm in athens.

thanks! and again, your stuff is so nice and clean! i can't wait to peruse it more!

Alcosinus said...

Hi Storm,

Beautiful knotting work.

This TH is splendid and perfect tying.

I see and read currently your blog.

You have any very good ideas.

Many thank's,


Bob said...

Just wanted to say great site with a lot of great resources.I don't remember how I got here but have you bookmarked now and will surely be back.Lots of great ideas,keep up the good work.

clarissa said...

great job. i was having a hard time looking for a tut for the "long" version of the turk's head. thanks for the link

Kevin said...

Hello Stormdrane. I like your Turk's Head knots to put around things, but I'm still trying to figure out how you put the other colors in the knot? Do you lace them in as a different rope and tie it off at the end?

Keep up the knots.

Stormdrane said...

I tie the knot with the primary color first, with however many passes I want, then go back in between those passes with a different color. The knot is tightened up to finish, working the slack out of the cords in order.

The start and finish of all the cords end in the same place, and like a single color knot, if you keep everything neat and straight, it'll be hard to tell where the start and finish are when done.

Anonymous said...

Hey can u post it ur way cause i cant seem to do it on the link thanx

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, I've already done a blog post and video tutorial for the long 3 bight knot.