Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green fingers

I bought this green 1.4mm braided nylon trot line on ebay last month. It's a great color, but my fingers are green after working with it. A little too much dye I guess. A couple of rinses in the sink and I think most of the excess comes off the lanyard without fading the cord.

I made this lanyard over a length of black utility cord with lanyard knots/loops at each end and put the end of the green strands thru the center of the lanyard knot before tightening. I then made an overhand stopper knot to keep the green cord in place after finishing the lanyard knots. That's our Zippo lighter pictured, we use for the grill.


Keith said...

Hello. I love your blog and have used many of your instructions to make my own projects. I was wondering if you had an Insrtuctable or a blog post on making the know you use for the bulk of this lanyard? I really want to make my wife a lanyard of this style for her work badge but can't seem to find instructions on how to make it. Thanks for all the info you make freely available to everyone.

Stormdrane said...

This one was made using a 3 peg knitting spool. I've posted several examples, showing different sized homemade spools, for various cord diameters.

I have a short YouTube video showing how to start them, and googling brings up quite a few hits on the subject too. :)