Tuesday, May 20, 2008

8 strand square plait lanyard

Lots of tying/untying with this lanyard, which is just under 6 inches long. This was my first try with the 8-strand square plait, seen in the center of the lanyard.

Attached to the lanyard are a Blue Alox Victorinox Farmer and a #1 sized S-BINER.


Connor said...

Hey man

you have some sweet stuff here
i really want to try some weaving out
where do you get your paracord from?

thank you

Stormdrane said...

My usual paracord source is supplycaptain.com

The cord I used for the lanyard in this particular blog post is 2mm braided nylon trot line from ebay.

Unknown said...

Howdy Stormdrane,Hope this finds you warm LOL.When you make your loops how did you secure them?Figure I will give it a try.Really glad to see Flikr back up.Thanks Scot

Stormdrane said...

@Scot, One loop end is where the lanyard is started, with tying a four strand round braid, all eight ends brought together forming the loop, and then to tie the eight strand braid for length desired.

I don't recall what method I used at the other end, but there are at least a couple of ways to form the other loop end, with one being tie a loose lanyard knot with four of the strands around the others, then tie another four strand braid to make the loop.

Then those four strands are tied in another lanyard knot back around the braid,closing the loop, and trimming all the ends. Turk's head knots wcan then be tied over each of the ends.

That's just one way to do it, and I just remember I did a lot of tying/untying with that one, but not any specifics...