Monday, June 23, 2008

Knife handle cord wrap

I used 2.4mm cord in an orange/peach kind of color with a strand of black 2mm cord in the center of this long 3 bight Turk's Head knot, as a cord handle wrap for a boot knife.


lmcfadden said...

Wow! I love that wrap!

I came here via Bladeforums, specifically this post:

I've come seeking a good knot that will help to make a wide and flat band for a baldric out of regular paracord. However, I'd really like it to be ease to untie, and quick. Does such a knot exist? I'm not to concerned with it being one continuous piece, but that's a bonus. And I'm thinking half and inch wide would be perfect.

daytribe said...

I get the RSS feed of your blog so I can always see what you've done as soon as it appears. You really do a fantastic work and this knife handle is another example. As well as my own ideas I find your blog a good source of inspiration. I have tried to follow several of your projects and seem to succeed most of the time. I'm really keen to get the hang of the long 3 bight Turk's Head knot.I've followed the tutorial through your link but I always lose it half way through. I'll keep trying though.

shiloh said...

I like the look of this cord,it looks like leather in the pics (not sure how it looks in the real).

May I ask where you got it?

Mauser*Girl said...

That is just gorgeous!

Stormdrane said...

Imcfadden, you might try something like 'common whipping' for adding cord to cover a section of the baldric, that could be offer a useable length of cord and be easily removeable.

daytribe, keep trying, I sometimes have to start over several times when doing the long 3 bight turks head knot, if I don't keep the cords situated as I go.

shiloh, it's nylon braided cord that I got off ebay, see seller 'mowfugger'.

mauser*girl, thanks! =)

Erik said...

You have inspired me to wrap my daggers and throwing knives.


Krell said...

Great site....all I can say is "Awesome"! I have question for you, that I hope you can answer...I have an original Ek Commando knife, that I got in a trade. The original cord wrap on the handle was gone when I got it. I wraped the handle, and found out that a single wrap on the handle would be much too thin to hold for 6', 220 pounds. I need to wrap the handle, but how can I beef up the size of the overall "Wrap", to feel comfortable in the hand? Any help or assistance would be greatly Appreciated!


Stormdrane said...

@Krell, Some folks will first wrap a layer of gutted paracord around a knife handle, then do another layer of other paracord knot work over that.

Or with a single ungutted strand, wrap/coil the cord around the handle and continue with knotting over that with the same strand, either working with one end of the strand or using both ends, working from the center of the strand.

You can do turk's head knots, spiral hitching, etc... Many options for wrap designs, look around Google images and on YouTube to find a pattern you'd like to try.