Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3D knot work...

I added a couple of crown sinnets with black paracord, using the holes from the green paracord cross transitions(Cross of Lorraine), to make a more 3-dimensional paracord lanyard/fob.



danielgreen said...

good job stormdrane also nice knife. you have a cool blog man way to go you rule coffee

danielgreen said...

also do you know how to get a picture by your comment? if so could you tell me i have an awesome pic

Stormdrane said...

You can edit your Blogger profile to add your photo. Though I think it only shows up if the blog you're commenting on has it set to show them.

danielgreen said...

thanks ill try that

danielgreen said...
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Stormdrane said...

Growing up, I attended mostly Southern Baptists churches.

Being an Army brat meant frequent moves and we usually visited several churches before settling with one for however long we lived at each location.

I do not currently/regularly attend any particular church. And as beliefs go, I believe anything is possible no matter how improbable.

Frankrammer said...

nice job using paracord, can you work with bigger rope? I have a project that i am curious about, if I send you a picture can you give me your input or suggestions?

Stormdrane said...

I have done a few things with rope up to 1/2" diameter, like an Ocean Plait Mat.

Glad to answer any questions if I can.

You might also visit the Knot Heads World Wide website and look thru the photo gallery.

Frankrammer said...

I would appreciate your input on the project that is located in this website.-
What would you do to make it better?
Would youuse different rope, material etc?
thank you for your time.

Stormdrane said...

Looks like a great project. I'm partial to paracord, so I'd use that instead of manila(but there's nothing wrong with using that).

I've broken quite a few broomsticks over the years and would opt for something stronger, like a wax wood staff or a good sturdy hardwood.

The choice of knots is really up to you. You could tie several different knots or just a couple and some half hitches for gripping.

If you think you will actually be using the cordage off the staff, I'd tightly coil a long section of cord between a couple of turks heads, maybe even doubling it up so you have plenty for use and it could be quickly/easily untied.

I'd also add some glow cord and reflective cord for visibility, especially if walking after dark. If you don't have reflective cord, you could use a strip of reflective tape(you can probably find some at a truck stop).

Vehicle headlights quickly pick up on reflective materials if you're walking down a road. If you set the staff down or drop it in the dark, shining a flashlight around can shorten your search time.

A little glow cord can help you find it inside a tent without using a flashlight and waking up others for a middle of the night visit to the privy.

I just put a few different knots on my Pa's walking stick.

danielgreen said...

hey SD do you like airsoft? i love it. also trip_wir3 and daytribe this ones for you.

Stormdrane said...

I've been more of a video gamer.

kingslakite said...

Hello Stormdrane,
I am trying to make this Woven Paracord Bracelet with your instructions using 2 colors but I can't do it. Can you pls help me out on how to go about it.

Stormdrane said...

The way I made the woven paracord bracelet, doesn't work using two colors.

You might try to follow the instructions for the ladder rack knot, which looks similar to the woven method, and allows for the use of two colors.

I've not done it that way myself, but if you familiarize yourself with that knot, the application of it for a paracord bracelet should work out, both with and without a side release buckle.