Thursday, June 03, 2010

Long 2 bight turks head knot on a cane...

I used about 20 feet each of black, olive drab, and tan paracord, to tie this long 2 bight turks head knot, with 59 leads, on a cane my dad got from the VA hospital. It's an early Father's Day present. I left the knot work spread out a bit since it's an adjustable height cane, and the button/slots are still accessible.

The 2 bight turks head knot is not hard to tie, but a long one can take a couple of hours or more to make the additional passes, keeping it straight, and working the slack out. The link shows a 2 bight turks head and how to increase it to a 4 bight knot.

A smaller turks head knot was tied over the start/finish of the 2 bight knot, at the cane handle, to help cover the trimmed ends of the spaced out knot.


Kai said...

Hey Stormdrane, Ive been looking at different paracord bracelet styles and i was wondering if you could show me some styles you know. I have already done a cobra style one and i want to try more. I didnt know how else to contact you so i commented on your most recent post.

Stormdrane said...

Kai, search for 'paracord bracelet' on the instructables website , and you'll find several tutorials for different paracord bracelet designs, a few by me and some by others. You may find some more on YouTube.

Symon said...

Thats a very handsome cane! This would probably translate wonderfully for me as a bicycle handlebar grip project, using Eastern Grip Stops on either end to keep them from sliding around. Thanks Stormdrane! your blog is as always, a great source for fun projects!

BESH said...


Thank you for your inspiring work.

Continued success!


Richard K. said...

Stormdrane, I am working on a 20 Bight X 19 Lead Turks head knot. Every time I make one pass of the knot I have to un-twist the cord. This takes a great deal of time... Do you have any tips to keep your cord from knotting up as you work???? Thanks so much, I am a great admirer of your work.

Stormdrane said...

With turks head knots and hitching projects, with longer lengths of cord, twisting is definitely a problem. I try to twist the cord a little bit as I make each pull on the cord, in the opposite direction of the twist. This helps some, but there's still always a bit of twist to deal with.

I know it can get annoying on a bigger project using 30 feet or more of cord, so I have to be in a knotting mood to do some of those more involved projects. You might ask on the forums and see if those good folks might have a solution. :)

Harpmaker said...

I'm very interested in other knots that can be used for wrapping canes in this manner. Can most "Bar" knot patterns (such as Bannister and Solomon) be used on a cane as well?

Are there any good links or books on cane wrapping?

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent!

Stormdrane said...

Yes, the 'bar' knots, can be used on walking canes, along with turks head knots, sinnets, grafting, and hitching.

Several examples of hitching that can be done on canes/walking/hiking staffs can be seen on the 'More Than Knots' website.

A lot of knotting tutorials can be found on the website.