Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some useful knots and bends...

I tied these knots with paracord, following diagrams from John Shaw's 'The Directory of Knots:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Tying Knots [Spiral -bound]'.

I had a little deja vu when tying the 'Arms-Akimbo' lanyard knot,  remembering trying one of JD's(TIAT) videos a couple of years ago, for the 'Eternity Knot', just a slightly different knot, some might even not notice the difference.

The 'Gibbet' and 'Ichabod' knots are both sliding loop type knots, and the author mentions the 'Ichabod' knot as having been used as hangman's noose in the last century at an American penitentiary, and a 'gibbet' is a gallows type structure so it too served the same purpose, but both knots certainly work just fine as attachment loops with paracord lanyards. The 'Broach Loop' is a fixed type loop like the bowline.

I also tied a few 'bends', knots used to join two ropes/cords together, from the book's diagrams.  The Broach Bend, Tucked Broach Bend, Symmetric Hawser Bend I, and Symmetric Hawser Bend II.


Anonymous said...

Stormdrane, thankyou for showing those knots. I like to learn and practice those loops. The Gibbet Knot, Ichabod Knot, and the Broach Knot. I never heard of those knots untill you mention them. I love your work and it looks like you are in a roll right now. ;-)


Jill billions said...

These knots are all amazing and your work splendid ! However the resources are books that are on amazon for $153.00 another for $58.00. I was hoping you'd share how to do some of these seemingly more " simple knots !!


Stormdrane said...

@Jill, The book usually sells for between $10 to $20, but the online supply has been bought up, so the remaining available prices are outrageous, even for 'used' copies.

The last time I checked, Barnes & Noble was also showing some way over priced copies, but buy.com still had several inexpensive copies of 'The Directory of Knots', all under $15 shipped, as of 12/5/11. Shopping around can pay off. ;)

Since the book seems to still be popular, hopefully the publisher will put out another printing.