Monday, June 11, 2012

"A decorative hitch"... ABoK #1687

This one is from 'The Ashley Book of Knots'(ABoK #1687) and is described as, "A decorative hitch for a boat boom that needs but one tuck.".

I tied this example with some paracord, showing the hitch loosely tied, then tightened, and finished with an overhand stopper knot, just as Clifford W. Ashley showed in his drawn diagram. The stopper knot helps prevent the line slipping/pulling itself undone.

Manny sent me a PDF link with a few more hitch examples, including ABoK #1687, which is number 4 in the link.

And a few single strand lanyard knots from ABoK, from top to bottom, numbers 582, 583, 584, 585, and 586, front and back sides shown.   


Anonymous said...

Simple. Beautiful.

smet337 said...

Hey Stormdrane,Just wanted to apologize for all the publish previously. Not good with a computer. I'am making a wall knot/gaucho lanyard like you did on your Nov. 2011 blog. I was looking real close and I think when you tied to your clip that you ran your cord under the last two wall knots? Do you glue or sew also or am I completely wrong.Thank you,Scot

Stormdrane said...

@smet337, To finish that lanyard after that last Gaucho knot bead, I ted three wall knots, ran the strands around the clip, then tied a couple of wall knots back around those core strands, up next to the other wall knots.

You can use a bit of super glue or sew the end paracord strands in place, after trimming, if you don't feel the melt was secure enough.