Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone was able to survive the recent Mayan apocalypse end of the world on 12/21/2012, and is currently having a very Merry Christmas.

Just a blog update photo of a few simple paracord wrist lanyards with Gaucho knot beads that I've been tying, attached to LED keyring lights with tiny Tibetan silver shield cross pendants. 

I'll give these to my Dad to hand out.  I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year!  Happy Knotting & Knot Responsibly!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all - Bill

Christian said...

Merry Christmas in return. What an uplifting story about your father. You must be very proud. He seems like a great man. Thank you for being a continuous inspiration for everyone who follows your blog. Happy New Year!

PS- Where did you find the Tibetan Shield pendants?

Stormdrane said...

@Christian, I found the small cross shield pendants on ebay. :)

Troberg said...

Wow, those beads truly are exquisite!

What diameter cord did you use for them? Do you have any hard core in them, or is it just cord?

Stormdrane said...

@Troberg, I used 2mm blue cord, and 1.4mm for the others. There is no core under the beads, as they were tied around a mandrel and given a brushed on coat of super glue, inside and out, and let dry before use. ;)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME work Stormdrane! As allways. Your work it's allways OUTSTANDING. Reagardless if it's small or large. :-) Merry Christmas to all, and peace for all humanity.

Manny. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What would you call each of the turk's heads in the picture? Also, I couldn't find any old posts on how you work the slack out or tuck in the ends; could you point me to them, if available?

Really enjoy your blog and thank you for your help,

Stormdrane said...

@Jason, I used Gaucho knots for the blue and red knot beads, and three pass Gaucho knots for the other two.

Working the slack out of the knots is the time consuming part and necessary to keep them neat. You can watch my two bight knot video to see a little of tightening and working slack out of a Turk's head knot.

Finishing will depend on the knot, but for the beads, I just trim the starting end where it enters the knot and run the working end under the knot and out the other side where it's trimmed and tucked to finish.

With the knot beads, I will either melt them on the inside to finish or brush on a coat of super glue

curchin said...

You and your father are doing great work. Have a joyous and safe New Year!

Marc Reeves said...

And thanks to you, for showing us what is possible and motivating all of us to shoot for better knots!

Junk Mail said...

Beautiful work, as always.
I'm just curious what you did on the ends of the lanyards (the parts that are cut off from the picture)?

Stormdrane said...

@Kelly, I tied the end strands of the wrist lanyards with various two-strand type lanyard knots: Matthew Walker knot, extended Matthew Walker knot, double wall knot, knife lanyard knot, and snake knot. ;)